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Promoting Action for Intersectional Social Justice

The Promoting Action for Intersectional Social Justice (PRAXIS) committee seeks to act for justice by articulating definitions of social justice in micro, mezzo and macro contexts by developing and recommending goals for the School of Social Work. PRAXIS furthers justice and prevents and ameliorates injustice by identifying and applying emerging knowledge related to relevant justice goals and developing strategies that illuminate and alter/eliminate assumptions and practices that contribute to different mechanisms of oppression.

PRAXIS uses intersectionality frameworks, recognizing that systems of oppression and privilege interact producing different conditions in different contexts for those with different interacting positionalities (e.g. race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and gender expression, socioeconomic class, religion, dis/ability status, age, and others).

PRAXIS conducts regular reviews of key aspects of the SSW including but not limited to: school climate and culture, relationships with larger environments, and current social conditions. PRAXIS works closely with the DEI Office and identifies key social justice priorities from year to year, and recommends ways for the SSW to achieve these goals and assess progress over time.



Larry M. Gant

Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work and Professor of Art and Design, Penny W Stamps School of Art and Design


Amy Belfer

Amy Belfer

MSW Student

James A. Blackburn

Project Senior Manager

Alyssa Cozad

Alyssa Cozad

MSW Student

Lisa Fedina

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Megan Leys

Megan Leys

MSW Intern

Tiana Luton

MSW Student

Rosalva Osorio Cooksy

Field Faculty and LEO Lec IV

Daicia R. Price

Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Director

Beth Glover Reed

Associate Professor Emerita of Social Work and Associate Professor Emerita of Women’s and Gender Studies

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