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SSW DEI Strategic Plan

In 2016, the University made diversity, equity and inclusion a critical institutional priority. During his inaugural address, President Santa J. Ono reaffirms that “…we are united around the same mission and purpose, the same commitment to inclusion and excellence, discovery and integrity.”

University of Michigan School of Social Work (UMSSW) worked diligently during the first plan to implement actions focused on diversity, equity and inclusion as highlighted in the initial plan and annual reports.

Summary of DEI 1.0 Strategic Plan Implementation

To continue to promote these values, we are launching our second, five-year strategic plan (DEI 2.0) that will continue to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion in our school, and help create our desired campus climate where all experience a sense of belonging.

The Plan

The DEI 2.0 plan will begin implementation in October 2023 and span the next five academic years (2023-2028) and is advancing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts along with the larger university. DEI 2.0 continues to address all key constituents (e.g., students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc).

DEI 2.0 Strategic Plan Overview

The guiding objectives of the DEI 2.0 plan include:

  • Collective commitment among the university’s several constituents.
  • A comprehensive evaluation, specific, achievable, and sustainable short- medium- and long-term goals and actions.
  • Resources and points of accountability.
  • Guidelines for regular review and updates to reflect both progress and newly identified opportunities and challenges.

The plan addresses the following distal goal objectives within the institution:

  • PEOPLE: Recruit, Retain, and Develop a Diverse Community
  • PROCESS: Create an Equitable & Inclusive Campus Climate
  • PRODUCTS: Support Innovative and Inclusive Teaching, Research, and Service

Our team in the DEI office are excited to move forward together in implementing our collective objectives as outlined in our plan. If you have questions or feedback for our team, please feel free to email us at [email protected].


Diversity is expressed in myriad forms, including race and ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, language, culture, national origin, religious commitments, age, (dis)ability status, and political perspective.

Inclusion ensures that our campus is a place where differences are welcomed, differing perspectives are respectfully heard, and every individual feels a sense of belonging and connection.

Equity is the assurance of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all persons in our community.  Race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status are irrelevant to each individual's right to equitable access and standing.

SSW DEI 1.0: Historical Summary

The School of Social Work's 5-year DEI strategy (2016-2021) seeks to strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion to benefit and bring together all members of the SSW community.

Plan Summary

Beginning in September 2015, the School of Social Work (SSW) engaged in a seven-month planning activity to improve diversity, equity and inclusion at the School in the context of the School’s vision, mission and goals. The social work profession and code of ethics mandate that the School works for justice and to reduce the inequities of poverty, exclusion, exploitation, violence, powerlessness and the dominance of particular cultural norms and values. Thus, the SSW has attended to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion over time. Because the mission of social work and its emphasis on field experience (the social work “signature pedagogy”) involve communities outside U-M, students and faculty undertake research and training on many issues, as well as an examination of our own institutional practices. In this plan, we identified areas where we need to consolidate and maintain, as well as key priorities for intensive work towards new or renewed goals related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

DEI Climate Survey Results and Discussions

The 2021-22 academic year marked the conclusion of the university’s initial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Five-Year Plan, known as DEI 1.0. After a year of evaluation, the university has released climate surveys, which were conducted across all schools and units, and will help guide the planning process for the next strategic plan, DEI 2.0. Linked below are the climate surveys for the School of Social Work:


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