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Online Certificate in Political Social Work FAQ

  1. Am I able to participate in the program if I live outside of the U.S.?

    Our programs are open to a global audience, and the course fee is the same for international participants as it is for U.S.-based participants. If you have questions about how your geographic location or visa status may impact participation in our programs, please contact [email protected].

  2. Am I certified after completing this continuing education certificate program?

    No. This certificate program is not a certification. It provides participants with a curriculum that supports more intensive study in a particular specialty area. Our certificate programs are not designed to be certifications for performance of particular jobs or tasks.

  3. Can I complete part of the evaluation now and return to it later?

    The evaluation should be done all at once, so give yourself enough time. Most evaluations can be completed within 5-10 minutes.

  4. Do I need special equipment for this continuing education certificate program?

    Students will need access to high-speed internet and a computer with a webcam for live Q&A sessions with the certificate leader and other participants. Instructions for accessing the course website and orientation information about course technology are provided prior to the course.

  5. Does this continuing education certificate program provide 1098-T tax forms?

    1098-T tax forms are not provided for CE programs. Participants should talk to a tax advisor to determine if there is an appropriate way to claim their CE program payments.

  6. How can I apply to this continuing education certificate program?

    To enroll, you must complete the online registration form and submit your payment. You will be asked to share why you are interested in this certificate and your goals for participating in the program. Your registration is not complete until the payment is submitted.

  7. How is this continuing education program evaluated (e.g., graded)?

    In order for participants to complete (e.g., "pass") the certificate program, they must complete all listed requirements, which includes receiving a passing score on quizzes/post-tests and completing evaluations. The quizzes/post-tests include a few multiple-choice and true-false questions that cover the course content. The certificate itself is not graded: Participants either complete or do not complete.

  8. How long do I have to complete an evaluation?

    Please see the CE policies page.

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