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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should apply to the Advanced Clinical Dementia Practice Program?

    Health professionals and others seeking practical knowledge and skills for advanced clinical dementia practice will find rich career development opportunities in this program. The certificate is designed for working professionals interested in gaining skills that are Press enter to read full text...

  2. Why is signNow W9 important?

    SignNow offers the most trusted, reliable, and secure digital transactions. By providing the most authentication options, comprehensive digital audit trails, and bank-grade security, you can trust signNow meets statutes and regulations around the world.

    Document submitted via signNow are stored securely in the cloud and not stored on a local server.

  3. Why should I apply to the Joint PhD Program?

    If you are interested in pursuing a career that involves developing and using knowledge to contribute to the amelioration of social problems and to improvements in the quality of the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, it is hard to imagine a better Press enter to read full text...

  4. Will I have an advisor? How are they assigned?

    Yes, you will be assigned a faculty advisor whom you will meet at Fall Orientation. Students are paired with faculty advisors based on their practice method concentration; practice area is also taken into consideration. Your faculty advisor will assist you in making Press enter to read full text...

  5. Will I receive an actual certificate after I complete the MasterTrack Certificate program?

    Yes. Coursera will provide a certificate to learners upon completion of assignments for individual MasterTrack courses. Once a learner has completed all courses for the MasterTrack Certificate, the University of Michigan will issue a certificate of completion for the Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research MasterTrack Certificate.

  6. Will I use the Purchasing or Reimbursement form to pay individuals or an organization?

    Yes, you will use the Purchasing or Reimbursement form any time an individual or organization requires a payment. Please refer to the Payment to Others FAQ list for details. This also includes requesting electronic gift cards for individuals. Please refer to the Gift Card FAQ list for details.

  7. Will our grades for the MasterTrack courses be reflected on our transcripts?

    No, the MasterTrack Certificate program courses are not reflected on your transcript as they are not credit bearing and occur prior to starting the MSW degree program.

  8. Will recordings for this continuing education program be available for download?

    Recorded content is only available to stream during the program.

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