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Policy & Political Social Work Faculty

  • Colleen E. Crane

    Colleen E. Crane

    LEO Lecturer II
  • Sean J. de Four

    Sean J. de Four

    LEO Lecturer II
  • William Elliott III

    William Elliott III

    Professor of Social Work, Director, Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science
    Economic, educational, and racial disparities; social policy; mental health; child development
  • Lisa Fedina

    Lisa Fedina

    Assistant Professor of Social Work
    Sexual violence, intimate partner violence; suicide risk; criminal justice; policy research and analysis
  • Terri L. Friedline

    Terri L. Friedline

    Associate Professor of Social Work
    Racial capitalism, the financial system, technology, debt and abolition
  • Ayesha Ghazi Edwin

    Ayesha Ghazi Edwin

    ENGAGE: DETROIT Program Manager and LEO Lecturer I
  • Terri T Gilbert

    Terri T Gilbert

    LEO Lecturer II
  • Leonardo Kattari

    Leonardo Kattari

    LEO Lecturer II
    Community mobilization, health equity, leadership development, positive youth development, policy and advocacy, surveillance research, LGBTQ communities, sexual health
  • Jamie Kynn

    Jax Kynn

    LEO Lecturer I
  • Shawna J. Lee

    Shawna J. Lee

    Director, SSW Program Evaluation Group, Professor of Social Work, and Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research
    Father's parenting risk behaviors, child maltreatment, community-based interventions
  • Kathryn L. Maguire-Jack

    Kathryn L. Maguire-Jack

    Associate Professor of Social Work
    Child abuse and neglect; child maltreatment prevention; neighborhoods; poverty; program evaluation; social policy; parenting.
  • H. Luke  Shaefer

    H. Luke Shaefer

    Hermann and Amalie Kohn Professor of Social Justice and Social Policy, Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Social Work, School of Work, Center Director, Poverty Solutions, Faculty Associate, Survey Research Center and Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research
    Social safety net, low-wage workers, economically disadvantage families, non-profit management
  • Trina R. Shanks

    Trina R. Shanks

    Director, School of Social Work Community Engagement, Harold R. Johnson Collegiate Professor of Social Work and Faculty Associate, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research
    Child well-being, asset building, 529 college education plans, SEED, Rhodes scholar, economic development
  • Karen M. Staller

    Karen M. Staller

    Professor of Social Work
    Runaway and homeless youth, law, social problem construction, history of social welfare, qualitative research methods.
  • Addie Weaver

    Addie Weaver

    Associate Professor of Social Work
    Access to mental health services for underserved, economically disadvantaged individuals and families living in rural communities
  • Roland W. Zullo

    Roland W. Zullo

    Associate Research Scientist, and LEO Lecturer I, University of Michigan School of Social Work

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