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Building Efficient Meetings and Producing Effective Decisions: Achieve Twice as Much in Half the Time


This session shares results from the Meetings Masters/Decision Maestros Research Project intended to help social workers conduct more effective meetings. The first part of the session highlights practices from Meeting Masters, including the Menu Agenda, and the Agenda Bell. Principles of the Meeting Masters help social workers in the four phases of meeting - preplanning, facilitating/running the meeting itself, processing items for the next meeting, and follow up and implementation of decisions and actions. The second portion reviews several examples of "decision rottenosity" and outlines the process of decision crystallization.


  • Describe challenges in effectiveness that surface in meetings social workers routinely have, such as staff meetings, staff consultations, supervisory meetings, agency board meetings, etc.
  • Describe what occurs during the four phases of a meeting.
  • Develop an agenda for a staff meeting.


November 4, 20218:30am - 9:00amIntroduction to Meeting Management
November 4, 20219:00am - 9:30amPrinciples of Efficient Meetings
November 4, 20219:30am - 10:00amA Recipe for Efficient Meetings
November 4, 202110:00am - 10:15amBreak
November 4, 202110:15am - 10:45amEffective Decisions
November 4, 202110:15am - 11:15amRules for Decision Management
November 4, 202111:15am - 11:45amTakeaway/Lessons Learned
webinar (synchronous interactive)


  • 11/4/2021 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM

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  • 3.25 regular synchronous interactive

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