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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Psychosis


Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental illness affecting roughly 26 million people, equating to 1% of the global population. Psychosis is experienced within schizophrenia spectrum or other psychotic disorders in addition to several other disorders, often framed as being 'psychotic features.' Since the majority of mental health services in the US are delivered by social workers, it is important for clinicians to be prepared for work with clients including the need for interventions tailored to the experience of psychosis. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for psychosis is a cognitive and behavioral approach tailored for individuals experiencing psychosis and is an effective and valuable evidence-based intervention to use in practice.

This webinar will discuss an overview of psychosis and its prevalence, a brief overview of CBT theory and basics, a central focus on intervention using CBT for psychosis, and the use of 2 clinical cases.


  • Name and describe 2 symptoms of psychosis (can be positive or negative).
  • Name and describe 2 specific CBT tools to use in treatment of psychosis (can be cognitive or behavioral).

Self-Paced Agenda

Expected DurationDescription
15 MinutesOverview of psychosis
30 MinutesCognitive Behavioral Therapy: brief overview of theory and skills
15 MinutesCognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis: theory and approach part 1
15 MinutesCognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis: theory and approach part 2 with clinical case
30 MinutesCognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis: skills and delivery
15 MinutesClinical case and wrap-up
webinar (asynchronous)

CE Contact Hours

  • 2 regular asynchronous online

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