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MasterTrack MSW

  1. Are the MasterTrack courses and certificate credits easily transferable to other schools?

    No. The Certificate does not award “credit”; instead, it allows you to reduce the number of credits you take if you come to the University of Michigan School of Social Work. There are not any credits that can be transferred to another institution.

  2. How long do learners have to complete the MasterTrack Certificate?

    The MasterTrack Certificate is scheduled in cohorts which run for 4 or 6 months. If a student does not complete all of the courses in their designated timeframe they may enroll in future courses to complete the certificate, however, all courses must be completed within 2 years of first enrollment of the certificate. If courses are not completed within this timeframe, a learner would need to pay again and begin the certificate all over to pursue the certificate.

  3. How long does it typically take a student to finish the 45 remaining credits to earn the full MSW degree? Both part-time and Full-time?

    For full-time you would complete the 45 credits in 3 semesters (about a year) on-campus. Part-time students (On-Campus or Online) will complete the 45 credits in 7 semesters (about two years and four months).

  4. If I do not want an MSW degree after the MasterTrack Certificate program do I have to apply to the University of Michigan?

    No, but please keep in mind that these certificates are not credit bearing and therefore, are not transferrable to another university.

  5. Is it possible to connect with a current MSW student to learn more about their experience in the program?

    Absolutely! You can send a request to be contacted by a current student. You can also connect with current MSW students as well as other prospective MSW students at one of our student led virtual meetings.

  6. Is the MasterTrack appropriate for an incoming U-M master’s student who wants to apply to the MSW program for a dual degree?

    Not necessarily. If students are interested in a dual degree program, completion of the MasterTrack is not required. Students could simply apply to the residential MSW program and also apply to the other dual degree program.

  7. Once I am admitted in the MasterTrack MSW, when will I choose my pathway?

    Full-time residential students will solidify their chosen pathway when they begin applying for their field placement in May/June prior to starting the program. Students in the Online Part-Time program will all follow the Interpersonal Practice in Integrated Health, Mental Health, & Substance Abuse pathway.

  8. What accommodations are available for learners with disabilities completing the MasterTrack Certificate through Coursera?

    All MasterTrack courses were created with universal design principles to be accessible to all learners. More information for Coursera learners with disabilities can be found here. If MT learners need additional support they can email:

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