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School of Social Work Research Publications

  1. Levin N., Zhang A., Kattari S. K., & Zebrack B. (in press). “'Queer Insights’: Considerations for assessing sex and gender in oncofertility research. Annals of LGBTQ Public and Population Health.
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  6. Ellis, K. R., Oh, S., Hecht, H., & Northouse, L. (in press). Symptom experiences and quality of life among middle-age and older African Americans with cancer and their family caregivers. Psycho-Oncology.
  7. Constante, K., Cross, F. L., Piceno, V., & Rivas-Drake, D. (in press). Latinx adolescent ethnic-racial discrimination and expected future barriers over time. Developmental Psychology.
  8. Cross, F. L., Blanco, S., & Rivas-Drake, D. (in press). Documentation status socialization among Latinx immigrant parents. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development.
  9. Zheng, H., Elliott, W., & O’Brien, M. (in press). Using children’s savings accounts and early award scholarships to build college savings among welfare recipients: The case of Promise Scholars. Journal of Poverty.
  10. Anyiwo, N. A., Rowley, S., & Watkins, D. C. (in press). "They can’t take away the light": Hip-hop culture and Black youth’s racial resistance. Youth and Society.
  11. Wu, S., Wang, M., Perron, B. E., Huang, J., Li, J., Zhou, X., Zhu,Y., He, X., Wen, J., & Ma, F. (in press). Development of research on social work practice in mainland China: Context, challenges, and opportunities. International Social Work.
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  18. Huth-Bocks, A., Jester, J., Stacks, A., Muzik, M., Rosenblum, K. & the Michigan Collaborative for Infant Mental Health Research. (in press). Infant mental health home visiting therapists’ fidelity to the Michigan IMH-HV model in community practice settings. Infant Mental Health Journal. [J. Ribaudo, one of 17 MCIMHR members].
  19. Walsh, T., Paris, R., Ribaudo, J., & Gilkerson, L. (in press). Locating infant and early childhood mental health at the heart of social work. Social Work.
  20. Winn, T & Richards-Schuster, K. (in press). The importance of child-guided and youth led approaches. In Osher et al. (Eds.), Keeping Students Safe and Helping Them Thrive: A Collaborative Handbook on School Safety, Mental Health, and Wellness.
  21. Lee, H. W., Gauthier, G. R., Ivanich, J. D., Wexler, L., Khan, B., & Dombrowski, K. (in press). A statistical framework for network-based measurement of the social effectiveness of interventions in community-based participatory research. PLoS ONE.
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  25. Jung, H., Herrenkohl, T. I., Skinner, M. L., Lee, J. O., Klika, J. B., & Rousson, A. N. (in press). Gender Differences in Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): A predictive analysis of IPV by child abuse and domestic violence exposure during early childhood. Violence Against Women.


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