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The YBMen Project in Australia's Northern Territory

1. YBMen Program Planning and Design. After the Australian team is trained by the YBMen team, they will work alongside the YBMen team to co-create a timeline, curate materials for the YBMen intervention curriculum, and build their site’s YBMen online community. They will also choose a social media platform for their YBMen community (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, etc.), hold planning and brainstorming meetings, finalize the curriculum topics, and finalize curated materials for the intervention. 2. YBMen Recruitment and Enrollment. the Australian team is responsible for its own recruitment and enrollment efforts; the YBMen team will offer recommendations and best practices. 3. YBMen Program Delivery. The Australian team is responsible for delivering the YBMen intervention, but the YBMen team will offer support throughout the duration of the intervention. The Australian team has full access to the YBMen resources library of culturally-tailored, age-appropriate, and gender-specific resources to include in their YBMen program. As cutting-edge content and materials are added to the YBMen resources library, the Australian team will have access to these materials over the course of their membership.

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