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  2. Diane Kaplan  Vinokur
    Diane Kaplan Vinokur Recognized with 2109 Terry McAdam Book Award

    Associate Professor Emerita Diane Kaplan Vinokur’s new book “Shared Space and the New Nonprofit Workplace” has won the 2019 Terry McAdam Book Award from The Alliance for Nonprofit Management.  “Particularly at this moment when many nonprofits face significant fiscal challenges, we found it to be a hopeful and practical template for collaboration and strengthening the nonprofit sector,” noted the award committee. 

  3. Robert M. Ortega
    Robert Ortega Discusses Sexual Misconduct Resources

    Preventing all forms of sexual and gender-based misconduct is a top priority for the University of Michigan. Associate Professor and U-M Ombudsman Robert Ortega, "We all have an important role in creating a culture and climate of respect at U-M, and there is help available." Watch the video to learn more.

    • September 18, 2019
  4. Roland W. Zullo
    Roland Zullo Discusses GM Strike with Time Magazine

    Associate Research Scientist Roland Zullo comments on GM strike with Time Magazine. GM union members have joined a national uptick in strikes, with Americans increasingly turning to collective action in the face of unstable employment practices. “In a healthy labor relations context, there’s that understanding that when times are tough, everybody sacrifices. But when times improve, everybody shares, right?” Zullo says.

  5. Garrett Pace
    Garrett Pace Discusses Harmful Effects of Spanking with American University Radio

    Garrett Pace, Joint PhD student, discusses the harmful effects of spanking with American University Radio. “Our findings suggest that spanking seems to be harmful on a global scale,” says lead author Pace.

  6. Michelle L. Duprey
    Michelle Duprey Discusses Online Certificate in Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care in Second Wave Media

    Michelle Duprey is the director of Integrated Health Care at Starfish Family Services, which offers behavioral health services in Livonia, Dearborn, and Westland, and in Inkster within Western Wayne Family Health Centers. “A lot more health and hospital systems, private practices, and group practices are hearing about integrated health. They are just not quite sure where to start. This program is a great way to jump in, see what it looks like, and prepare staff to do the work,” Duprey says.

    Kristen Seefeldt Joins U-M Poverty Solutions as New Associate Director

    Associate Professor Kristin Seefeldt has been appointed new associate faculty director at the University of Michigan Poverty Solutions. Poverty Solutions is a presidential initiative that aims to prevent and alleviate poverty through action-based research that informs policymakers, community organizations, government entities and practitioners about what works in confronting poverty.  Seefeldt in her new role will engage more faculty and students in meaningful research opportunities.

  8. Daphne C. Watkins
    Daphne Watkins Research Featured in U-M Record

    Associate Professor Daphne Watkins' research on black men is featured in U-M Record.  Watkins researches how men and boys define themselves as men and boys, and how that influences their mental health.

    New Faculty Fall 2019

    We welcome four new faculty members to Michigan Social Work — a community joined together by a strong commitment to diversity, respect, inclusion and learning from one another.

    Fernanda L. Cross
    Transitional Postdoctoral Research Fellow


    Area of Expertise
    Latinx mixed-status families, undocumented immigrants, ethnic-racial socialization, discrimination experiences, adolescent mental health and academic outcomes

    Jessica A. Wojtalik
    Transitional Postdoctoral Research Fellow


    Area of Expertise
    Child abuse and neglect, child maltreatment prevention, neighborhoods, poverty, program evaluation, social policy, parenting

    Kathryn L. Maguire-Jack
    Associate Professor of Social Work


    Area of Expertise
    American Indian/Alaska Native Suicide Prevention, Indigenous Youth Resilience, Culturally-Specific Behavioral Health Services, Digitally-Enhanced Participatory Research

    Lisa M. Wexler
    Professor of Social Work


    Area of Expertise
    Psychosocial and cognitive interventions, schizophrenia, severe mental illnesses and pathophysiology of mental illness and cognitive impairment

    • July 23, 2019
  10. Lisa Fedina
    Lisa Fedina's Research on Child Sex Trafficking Cited in USA Today

    Assistant Professor Lisa Fedina's research on child sex trafficking in the United States was cited in the USA Today story, "Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking targets: 'The more vulnerable the better,' investigator says."

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