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  • Fedina, L., Moss, L., DeVylder, J., & Barth, R. (2020, January). Mental health effects of joint exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences and intimate partner violence among men and women. Paper presented at the Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

  • Gonzalez Benson, O. (2020, January). Brokering law, space and culture with refugee women: Institutionalized mediation of gender roles and positionalities in the resettlement context of the United States. Invited Keynote: Refugee and Newcomer Women's Emotional Wellness. Calgary, AB, Canada.

  • Castillo, B., Grogan-Kaylor, A., Gleeson, S., & Ma, J. (March 2020). Child Externalizing Behavior in Context: Direct and Indirect Effects of Mother Nonstandard Work, Parenting and Neighborhoods. Society for Research on Adolescence. San Diego, CA.

  • Guz, S., Kattari, S. K., Hecht, H. K., & Ross, E. (2020, November). The process and benefits of fostering a multi-generational team of queer researchers. Panel accepted for virtual presentation at the Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting.

  • Faller, K. C., Milchman, M., & Mercer, J. (2020). Parental alienation: Expert practice in making a determination about the causes of rejection. 25th International San Diego Summit on Violence, Abuse, & Trauma. Virtual.

  • Pinto, R. M. & Rahman, R. (2020, October). Interprofessional collaboration in HIV prevention and care scale: Applicability in different settings employing community health workers (CHWs). APHA's 2020 VIRTUAL Annual Meeting and Expo.

  • Smith MJ, Sherwood K, Smith JD, Jordan N, & Atkins M. (2020). Results of an Open Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Implementation of Virtual Reality Job Interview Training in n=279 Transition Age Youth with Educational Disabilities, Symposium Oral presentation at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April.

  • Smith, M. J., Smith, J. D., Jordan, N., Bell, Mueser, K., McGurk, S., Oulvey, G., & Razzano, L. (2020). Preliminary Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Job Interview Training within Supported Employment. Poster presentation at the annual Society for Social Work and Research conference, Washington, DC.

  • Price, D. (2020). Internalized Racism. Adelphi University. Garden City, New York.

  • Himle, J.A., LeBeau, R., Weaver, A., Jester, J., Kilbourne, A.M., & Craske, M.G. (2020, November). A Multisite Trial of Work-Related Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Unemployed Persons with Social Anxiety: Study Methods and Sample Characteristics. Accepted for Symposia at the 54th Annual Convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Virtual.

  • White, L. A., Pinto, R., Weaver, A, & Wexler, L., (2020, December). Participatory Implementation Strategies in Community Settings for Health Equity. Panel Discussion Chair. Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation Health, Online.

  • Rosenblum, K., Muzik, M., Ribaudo, J., & Smith, K. (2020). Infant Mental Health Home Visiting Training Model, State of Michigan Community Mental Health. Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Pinto, R. M., & Rahman, R. (2020, October). Interprofessional Collaboration in HIV Prevention and Care Scale: Applicability in different settings employing community health workers (CHWs). Symposium: Measuring What Matters in CHW Programs. (Invited Session). Organizers: Kenny Maes, Noelle Wiggins, Leticia Rodriguez Garcia, and Massarra Eiwaz. APHA Annual Meeting, Virtual.

  • Hodge, J. (2020, March). Facilitator & Breakout Session Leader. Campaign School for Social Workers. Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work. Lansing, MI.

  • Pinto, R. M. (2020, February). Art installation as a theater stage to broadcast unheard voices: Art Research. Art & Education for Social Justice Symposium. Athens, Georgia, USA.

  • Ellis, K.R., Brewer, R., Janevic, M., Wilson, N. (2020, August). Beyond Four Walls: A Virtual Center for Seniors in Southeast Michigan, The Silver Center. Virtual presentation for community and academic stakeholders.

  • Ortega, R. M., Ortega, M. B., & Ayers, E. (2020, September). The voice of silence in child maltreatment disclosure process: A multicultural perspective. 2020 APSAC Colloquium, (Virtual).

  • Park, S. (November 2020). Representative bureaucracy through staff with lived experience: peer co production in the U.S. substance use disorder treatment field. Paper presented at the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Conference (Virtual).

  • Bornheimer, L. A., Wang, K., Zhang, A., Li, J., Trim, E., Ilgen, M., & King, C. (2020, April). Trends of Nonfatal Suicide Behaviors Among Adults in the United States from 2009-2017. Poster presentation (virtual) at the University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center Virtual Inaugural 2020 Research Symposium.

  • Bornheimer, L. A., Li, J., & Thompson, S. (2020, January). The Role of Hopelessness in the Relationships between Social Isolation, Hallucinations, and Delusions Among a First-Episode of Psychosis Sample. Poster presentation at the annual Society for Social Work and Research conference, Washington, DC.

  • Kattari, S. K., Lacombe-Duncan, A., Schultz, K., Hawkins, J., & Kattari, L. (2020, November). Reconceptualizing the teaching of social justice and diversity: Co-creating a more critical foundation course. Paper to be presented at the Joint World Conference on Social Work Education and Social Development, Rimini, Italy.

  • Hodge, J. (2020, October). Youth Civic Engagement Guest Presentation. Global Citizenship Course. Boys Town High School. Boys Town, NE.

  • Park, S., Harty, J. S., Okpych, N. J., & Courtney, M. E. (October 2020) Variation between counties in their practice and services context. Paper presented at the County Welfare Directors Association of California Conference (Virtual conference).

  • Todorovic, K., Devarasetty, P., Ward, K. P., Lee, S. J., Knox, M., & Andari, E. (2020, October). Evidence for a surge in child maltreatment and intimate partner violence during COVID-19. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Academy on Violence and Abuse Global Health Summit, Dallas, TX.

  • Hamovitch, E., Acri, M., Bornheimer, L. A., & Lambert, K. (2020, January). Providers' Perspectives on Implementing a Multiple Family Group for Children with Disruptive Behavior. Oral presentation at the annual Society for Social Work and Research conference, Washington, DC.


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