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Lisa M. Wexler

Professor of Social Work

Lisa M. Wexler

Professor Wexler's research focuses on three overlapping and complimentary areas that address both scientific and community priorities: suicide prevention, wellness/resilience and learning. Her research engages participants in all levels of the process, responds to cultural and community priorities, and builds on and promotes personal and collective assets. Currently, she is working with community partners and academics to pilot Promoting Community Conversations About Research to End Suicide (PC CARES) (NIMH R34096884), which uses critical pedagogy to mobilize community members for strategic and collaborative suicide prevention and wellness initiatives. Additionally, her present work utilizes Intergenerational Dialogue Exchange and Action (IDEA)—a participatory research method—to engage young people in efforts to find local strengths, skills and wisdom through cross-generational and community-based investigations that—through the effort--enhance youth possibilities for action and strengthen their social connections within and outside of their home communities.

Research Interests/Focus

American Indian/Alaska Native Suicide Prevention; Indigenous Youth Resilience; Culturally-Specific Behavioral Health Services; Digitally-Enhanced Participatory Research


Year Degree   School
2005 PhD Social Work University of Minnesota
1996 MSW Social Work Florida State University
1991 BA University of West Florida
Year Description
2021 Wexler, L. (2021, February). Participatory Research Guest Lectures: Qualitative Research. Introduction to Research SSW.
2021 Wexler, L. (2021, March). Cultural, Community and Family Strengths to Reduce Suicide Risk. Measuring Risk and Protective Factors Across Multiple Domains; NIMH Roundtable 2.
2021 Wexler, L. (2021, March). Learning from Alaska Native Communities: Understanding and Addressing Suicide Risk Upstream and on Multiple Levels. The Science of Suicide Prevention Summit; Injury Prevention Center, UM.
2021 Wexler, L. (2021, March). Learning from Alaska Native Communities: Understanding and Addressing Suicide Through Risk & Protective Factors, esp. Community Strengths. Alaska Shared Risk + Protective Factors (SRPF), Quarterly Meeting.
2021 Peter, E.; Wexler, L., Rasmus, S., Allen, J., Larson, C.V., Apok, C. (2021, March). Knowledge Exchange with Greenland about the Alaska Native Collaborative Hub for Research on Resilience.
2020 Wexler, L. (2020, November). Evaluation & Research to Document Outcomes from a Community-based Suicide Prevention Program. SW 619: Behavioral and Psychosocial Aspects of Health, Mental Health, and Disease.
2020 Wexler, L. (2020, January). Participatory Research with Alaska Native Communities: Wellness and Suicide Prevention. School of Social Work SW522 Basic Research Methods Courses (Organized by Katie Schutz, Lisa Fedina, Matthew Bakko: 2 sessions, 4 classes).
2020 Wexler, L. (2020, June). Collaborating with Alaska Native Communities to Prevent Suicide. Applied Research Methods for Youth Suicide Prevention. Youth Suicide Research Conference, Hunter College, NYC.
2020 Wexler, L. (2020, October). Suicide Prevention: What More Can Be Done? University of Delaware Clinical Science Brown Bag meeting.
2019 Rivkin, I., Lopez, E., Philip, J., Black, J., Filardi, E., Charlie, D., Salganek, M., Newman, J., Perkins, S., & Wexler, L. (May, 2019). Intergenerational Dialogue Exchange and Action: A model to promote wellness for Alaska Native youth. Poster presented at the One Health Research Conference of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska.
2019 Rivkin, I., Charlie, D., Filardi, E., Black, J., Charlie, G., Lopez, E., Newman, J., Salganek, M., Philip, J., Nanouk, M., Haire, J., & Wexler, L. (2019, May). Struggles, strengths, and resilience in youth digital stories from the Intergenerational Dialogue Exchange and Action program. Oral presentation at the One Health Research Conference of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska.
2019 White, Wexler, Pungowiyi, and Roberta Moto. (2019, December). Results from piloting an innovative model to engage multiple key stakeholders in learning about suicide prevention research for strategic action in under-resourced rural indigenous communities. 12th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination & Implementation, Bethesda, MD.
2019 Wexler, L. (2019, November). Working with Rural and Remote Alaska Native Communities to Prevent Suicide on Multiple Levels. Institute for Social Research Speaker Series.
2019 Wexler, L. (December, 2019). New Universal Prevention Model to Engage Family Members in Lethal Means Restriction: Family Safety Net. Maniilaq Health Center, Kotzebue, Alaska.

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