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Our Field Faculty

  • Susan K. Crabb

    Susan K. Crabb

    Field Faculty and LEO Lec IV
    Children and youth, mental health and community organization
  • Mary A. Eldredge

    Mary A. Eldredge

    Field Faculty and LEO Lec IV
    Integrated Health, Maternal/Obstetric Care, Mental Health, Combined Micro/Macro Practice,  Juvenile Justice, Self-Care, Ethics and Supervision
  • Rachel T. Naasko

    Rachel T. Naasko

    Field Faculty and LEO Lec III
    Children and Youth, Child Welfare, School Social Work, Social Workers in Higher Education, Crisis Management, Mental Health,
  • Rosalva O. Osorio

    Rosalva Osorio

    Field Faculty and LEO Lec III
  • Stacy L. Peterson

    Stacy L. Peterson


    Field Educator and LEO Lec IV

    University of Michigan School of Social Work

    Community organization, children and youth, juvenile justice, child welfare, and school social work
  • Daicia R. Price

    Daicia R. Price

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Work
    Children and Families, Mental Health, Organizational Leadership, Supervision, Diversity and Inclusion, Gender Variances, Integrated Health, Suicide Prevention and Community Organization
  • Leigh A. Robertson

    Leigh A. Robertson

    Field Faculty and LEO Lec IV
    Domestic Violence, health and mental health with older adults, medical social work and micro and macro practice within the TBLGQIA (Transgender, bisexual, lesbian,gay, queer, questioning, intersex and Ally) communities
  • Yatesha D. Robinson

    Yatesha D. Robinson

    Field Faculty and LEO Lec III
    Wellbeing in African American women, mental health and wellbeing, health disparities, racial microaggressions, children and youth.

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