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Foundations of Sport Social Work


This course will serve as an introduction to the foundations of sport social work. It will explore how social work and sport have worked in parallel to combat racism, oppression, inequality, and discrimination which has been an integral part of our society's history and development. The course will examine the intersection of the history of social work and the professionalization of athletics. Foundational knowledge of understanding sport social work practice will include identifying the role of sport social workers, defining sport social work practice, and looking at Social Work's Values and Ethics and CSWE competencies through a sport social work lens. With the role of social workers being to serve and advocate for vulnerable populations, athletes will be identified and defined as a vulnerable population and key human development theories will be applied to sport social work. Finally, evidence-based practices will be discussed throughout the course, but specifically, research trends, the current state and future directions of sport social work will be analyzed.


  • Define "Sport Social Work" and describe how it promotes social justice and change.
  • Describe the ethical responsibility of social workers to engage in work with vulnerable populations such as athletes across the lifespan and apply social work theories and evidence-based practice interventions with athletes.

Self-Paced Agenda

Expected DurationDescription
30 MinutesHistory of Social Work and Sport
30 MinutesUnderstanding Sport Social Work Practice and Identifying Athletes as a Vulnerable Population
30 MinutesHuman Development Theories in Sport Social Work
30 MinutesResearch Trends, Current State and Future Directions of Sport Social Work
webinar (asynchronous)

CE Contact Hours

  • 1 ethics asynchronous online
  • 1 regular asynchronous online

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