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Relationship-Focused Play Therapy


This virtual training will focus on relationship-focused play therapy with children and their caregivers. We will review the primacy of play in children's overall development as well as the developmental stages of play in order to provide a framework for understanding our observations of children's play and help inform our assessments of areas of strength and challenge. We will consider how critical it is to be mindful of how our own personal experiences of play color our observations, as well as how gender and racial biases can distort how we see the play of children, particularly black children.

We will review the tenets of non-directive play therapy, how play therapy impacts the brain, and how to integrate our understanding of attachment, neuroscience, and play therapy within the context of relationships.


  • Describe play within the context of children's overall development.
  • Describe the developmental stages of play.
  • Describe how racial and gender biases impact observations of children's play.
  • List the tenets of non-directive play therapy.
  • Describe how to integrate attachment, neuroscience, and non-directive play therapy principles within the context of relationships.
  • Describe how play therapy impacts the brain.


December 3, 20219:00am - 9:30amPlay and Development
December 3, 20219:30am - 10:00amBiases in Assessing Play
December 3, 202110:00am - 10:30amDevelopmental Stages of Play
December 3, 202110:30am - 11:00amPractice Observations of Play
December 3, 202111:00am - 11:30amHow to Support Children's Play
December 3, 202111:30am - 12:00pmTheories of Play Therapy
December 3, 20211:00pm - 1:30pmNon-directive Play Therapy
December 3, 20211:30pm - 2:00pmPractice Observations of Play Therapy
December 3, 20212:00pm - 2:30pmPlay Therapy and the Brain
December 3, 20212:30pm - 3:00pmCombining Play Therapy, Attachment, and Neuroscience
December 3, 20213:00pm - 3:30pmRelationship-Focused Play Therapy
December 3, 20213:30pm - 4:00pmRelationship-Focused Play Therapy
webinar (synchronous interactive)


  • 12/3/2021 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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  • 6 regular live interactive online

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  • Jennifer DeSchryver





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