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Evidence-Based Interventions with Parents of Transgender Youth


This webinar will teach participants evidence-based intervention strategies to work with parents of transgender and nonbinary youth. The webinar will provide an overview of the impact of parents' response to their child coming out as transgender. The webinar will also review common parent concerns, strategies for delivering psychoeducation and developmental guidance, and conflict management. This will be an interactive webinar and will include one case study.


  • Describe three concerns of parents of transgender youth.
  • Identify 2 harmful behaviors and 2 helpful parent behaviors.
  • Describe/define a safe folder and the rationale for such a folder.


November 16, 20219:00am - 9:15amOverview and Welcome
November 16, 20219:15am - 9:30amAffirming Language
November 16, 20219:30am - 9:45amCommon Parent Concerns
November 16, 20219:45am - 10:00amHelpful and Harmful Parent Behaviors
November 16, 202110:00am - 10:30pmConversion Therapy
November 16, 202110:30am - 10:45amPsychoeducation and Developmental Guidance
November 16, 202110:45am - 11:00amLucas Case - Case Study and DeBrief
November 16, 202111:00am - 11:30amAddressing Conflict
November 16, 202111:30am - 11:45amSafe Folder
November 16, 202111:45am - 12:00pmWrap Up and Q and A
webinar (synchronous interactive)


  • 11-16-2021 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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  • 3 regular live interactive online

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