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Sexual Health Assessment and Treatment in Clinical Practice


The objective of this training is to help mental health professionals develop confidence and a skill set for discussing sexual identity, health/wellness, and intimacy with their clients. Fundamentals of sex therapy from a biopsychosocial approach will be covered to ensure that participants feel well-equipped to incorporate sexual functioning into their core approach to assessment and treatment. The learner will understand the ramifications of relegating this topic to a "specialized" treatment approach and feel skilled and capable in addressing sex therapy topics as a foundational approach to assessment and treatment.


  • Identify at least three reasons to incorporate sexual health assessment into general mental health treatment.
  • Apply common assessment questions in practice to understand history and underlying issues associated with sexual concerns.
  • Describe the relationship between trauma experiences and common difficulties associated with sexual intimacy and health.


May 7, 20212:00pm - 2:30pmSexual Health From A Social Justice Lens
May 7, 20212:30pm - 3:00pmMake Room For Yourself: Bias, Fears, and Personal Experiences that Inhibit Conversations about Sexual Health in Clinical Spaces
May 7, 20213:00pm - 3:30pmTransference and Countertransference in Sexual Health, Identity and Intimacy Topics
May 7, 20213:30pm - 4:00pmCollaborative Assessment Strategies
May 7, 20214:00pm - 4:30pmThe Trauma/Pain Connection
May 7, 20214:30pm - 5:00pmOverview of Pain Treatment and Coordinating Care
webinar (synchronous interactive)


  • 5/7/2021 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

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  • 3 aasect synchronous interactive
  • 1 pain management live interactive online
  • 2 regular live interactive online

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