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PhD Research Publications

  1. Olivia D. Chang
    Maguire-Jack, K., Park, Y., Chang, O. D., Solomon, A., Quinn, J., Greenberg, S., Coggins, H., & Hinton, J. (2024). Findings from the Michigan EITC Access Project: ACEs prevention through economic intervention.
  2. Olivia D. Chang
  3. Olivia D. Chang
  4. Olivia D. Chang
  5. Anna Wood
  6. Anna Wood
  7. Kari Sherwood
  8. Kari Sherwood
  9. Kari Sherwood
  10. Lauren White
  11. Vitalis Im
  12. Yuliya A. Shyrokonis
  13. EB  Gross
  14. Sunghyun Hong
  15. Kari Sherwood
  16. Brittani Symone Parham
  17. Brittani Symone Parham
  18. Brittany Ribeiro Brown
    Watkins, D. C., Brown, B. R., Abelson, J. M., & Ellis, J. (2023). First-Generation Black College Men and the Value of Cohort-Based Programs: Addressing Inequities Through the YBMen Project. Health promotion with adolescent boys and young men of colour: Global strategies for advancing research, policy, and practice in context. Springer: New York, NY.
  19. Ronke G. Olawale
  20. Kari Sherwood
  21. Danae Ross
  22. Olivia D. Chang
    Marçal, K. E., Chang, O. D., Park, Y., & Maguire-Jack, K. (2023). Material hardship in the postpartum year: Links to child maltreatment. Child Abuse & Neglect, 145, 106438.


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