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PhD Research Publications

  1. Ronke G. Olawale
  2. Yuliya A. Shyrokonis
  3. Yuliya A. Shyrokonis
  4. Kaitlin P. Ward
  5. Kaitlin P. Ward
  6. Sunghyun Hong
  7. Kaitlin P. WardGarrett Pace
  8. Kevser Pinar Üstel
  9. Rita  Hu
  10. Nina Jackson Levin
  11. Sunghyun Hong
  12. Analidis Ochoa
    Ochoa, A., Shaefer, L., & Grogan-Kaylor, A. C. (2021). The interlinkage between blood plasma donation and poverty in the United States. The Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 48(2), 56-71.
  13. Sunghyun Hong
  14. Kari Sherwood
  15. Matthew Bakko
  16. Kaitlin P. Ward
  17. Kaitlin P. Ward
  18. Kari Sherwood
  19. Kari Sherwood
  20. Kaitlin P. WardGarrett Pace
  21. Matthew Bakko
  22. Rita  Hu
  23. Jay R Kayser
  24. Nina Jackson Levin
  25. Andrea Shannon Mora


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