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Complete the MasterTrack Certificate Online and Finish Your MSW on Campus

Once you successfully finish your MasterTrack certificate and are admitted to the MSW program you can complete your degree on campus. The MasterTrack certificate reduces the credit hour requirement for the MSW from 60 to 45, saving you time and money.

Please note the MasterTrack Certificate alone is a non-credit bearing credential.

Apply to MSW Program


  • You can waive an entire semester, which saves you time and money
  • More than 500+ field placements
  • You will have support from an admission counselor and academic advisor
  • 300+ Scholarship opportunities
  • 8 different curricular pathways covering a broad range of specializations

Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

  • Admission to the MSW program.
  • Successful completion of a minimum of three (3)MasterTrack certificate courses, including receiving a 70% grade or higher on all assignments and exams, at least two months prior to beginning the MSW program.
  • Successful completion of MasterTrack certificate, including receiving a 70% grade or higher on all assignments and exams, prior to beginning the MSW program.
  • Students will complete a 45 credit hour program including 14 credits of field instruction (912 clock hours).
  • Advanced standing students are not eligible to participate in the On Campus MasterTrack MSW.

Apply to the MasterTrack MSW

  • Step 1

    Submit an Eligibility Review Request at the earliest date possible.

    Submit Eligibility Review Request

  • Step 2
    Your resume and interest form will be reviewed to assess eligibility to apply to the MasterTrack MSW program. Once approved, schedule an admissions consultation with the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management, [email protected].
  • Step 3

    Review the MasterTrack Certificate Schedule & Timeline to plan the timing for your MSW application submission. You want to submit your MSW application with enough time to receive a decision prior to your desired cohort start date.

  • Step 4

    Apply to MSW Program, if eligible based on review. Your application will receive a full MSW program admissions review.

    Apply to MSW Program

  • Step 5

    Start your MasterTrack certificate either before or after you receive an MSW Program application decision.

    Students may be well advised to start the MasterTrack after receiving an offer of admission to the MSW Program. Completion of the MasterTrack certificate does not guarantee admission to the MSW program.

  • Step 6
    After successful admission, complete your MasterTrack certificate prior to the start of your fall MSW on campus courses. You will have an individual course planning appointment to discuss part-time or full time enrollment options.
  • Step 7
    Join your cohort in Ann Arbor to complete your MSW degree.

When to Apply

MasterTrack Certificate Schedule & Timelines

Financial Aid

Online MSW Program

Once you are accepted into the MasterTrack MSW program, you are eligible for grants, scholarships and other forms of financial aid. For information please refer to the MSW Guide to Financial Aid.

MasterTrack Certificate

There is no financial aid available for the online MasterTrack certificate.

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