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Student Services FAQ

  1. Can I enter the MSW program without completing a bachelor's degree?

    Yes. Each year up to ten students can be admitted through our Non-Baccalaureate Admissions status. The goal of this provision is to provide an opportunity for individuals with extensive, successful experience in social work to obtain the MSW degree without first obtaining a bachelor's degree.

  2. Can I have a job while I am at school full time?

    Most students work part time (10-20 hours per week) when enrolled in the full-time program. Many students apply for and receive work-study funds.

  3. Can I have a minor?

    Students may complete a minor in a Practice Method but not in a Practice Area. Students have the option of selecting a Minor Practice Method in any one of the three Practice Methods in which they do not concentrate. Minor method requirements include two advanced method courses and 171 hours of advanced field work related to the minor method. Selecting a minor may limit field placement options and also limits elective course options.

  4. Can I take the bus? What bus routes are available?

    The Ann Arbor Transit Authority operates many bus routes within the city as well as between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. These buses are free for students to use with a valid ID. For more information on bus routes, you can visit the AATA website or by phone at 734-973-6500. U of M also has a bus line, and more info can be found on U-M's Parking and Transportation Services website.

  5. Can I visit the School before I apply?

    Yes, we encourage prospective students to visit the School of Social Work. Prospective students are invited to attend one of our Prospective Student Group Sessions, which are held once or twice per month from September through April. The School can also arrange an  Press enter to read full text...

  6. Can recommendations be completed online?

    Yes, we strongly encourage applicants to submit an online application and utilize the online recommendation system. In the letters of recommendation section of the online application, you may indicate whether or not you wish each recommender to use the online Press enter to read full text...

  7. Do I have to submit a transcript from a school I attended in the past if the classes are listed on my current school transcript?

    Yes, official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be submitted.

  8. Do I have to write a thesis to graduate from the MSW program?

    No, a thesis is not required in the MSW program. There are two research/evaluation courses required (522 & 683) that prepare students to design and implement research projects, and most assignments for these courses will be research papers, but a formal thesis is not required. Students may set up an independent study course to receive credit for completing an optional formal thesis.

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