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Grow Detroit’s Young Talent

Grow Detroit’s Young Talent is the citywide summer jobs program for youth between the ages of 14 and 24. Workforce participation at an early age has developmental and academic benefits, and improves labor market outcomes later in life. However, these opportunities vary greatly and are not equally accessible. Programs like GDYT offer youth the advantages of employment without sacrificing time from school, or impinging on other responsibilities.

The Center for Equitable Family and Community Well-Being provides evaluation services to GDYT partners, and the center’s director chairs the Data Research & Evaluation Subcommittee of the Detroit Youth Employment Consortium. In collaboration with other members of the committee, the Center has collected more than 12,000 annual GDYT youth exit surveys since 2009. These surveys form the bases for annual GDYT reports.

Explore nearly 10 years of exit surveys, over 12,000 in all. Questions on the exit surveys cover worksite experiences, including skills learned and overall satisfaction. Demographic information is available including age, race, gender, year in school, as well as zip code. For ease of interpretation, a codebook is available for each year, along with its corresponding report.

2023 Annual Report

Past Annual Reports

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