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School of Social Work Research Publications

  1. Singh, R. C. B. Yakas, L., Wernick, L. J., Slayter, E., Kattari, S. K., & Taylor, S., J. (in press). Anti-ableist and disability justice pedagogy in social work education. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare [Special Issue].
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  3. Cureton, A., Cross, F., Aguinaldo, E., & Polk, S. (in press). An exploration on how racism and discrimination impact the mental health of Latinx immigrant youth.
  4. Cureton, A. & Aguinaldo, E. (in press). "I'm terrified to attend school": Refugee youths' perceptions of mass school shootings and school violence.
  5. Xiang X., Kayser J., Turner S., Ash S., & Himle J. A. (in press). Layperson-supported, web-delivered cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression in older adults: A randomized controlled trial. journal of Medical Internet Research.
  6. Cureton, A. (in press). New kids on the block: Refugee students' school-based experiences and engagement in an urban high school.
  7. Anderson, R. E., Peterson, Z. D., Canan, S. N. Abbey, A., McCauley, H., Orchowski, L. M., Fedina, L., Littleton, H., & Koss, M. P. (in press). Words can Hurt: A taxonomy of verbally coercive sexual exploitation in the SES-V. Journal of Sex Research.
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  20. Siembida, E. J., Fladeboe, K. M., Ip, E, Zebrack, B, Snyder, M., & Salsman, J. (in press). A developmental science approach to information age subgroups in adolescent and young adult cancer research. Journal of Adolescent Health.
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