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School of Social Work Research Publications for Todd I. Herrenkohl

  1. Price D., Robinson Y., Riley H., Ribaudo J., Giang C., Herrenkohl T. I., & Miller A. L. (2023). Start early: Providing trauma-informed, systems-focused professional development in early childhood development and learning contexts. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine, 8(4), 055.
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  4. Granner, J. R., Lee, S. J., Burns, J., Herrenkohl, T. I., Miller, A. L., & Seng, J. S. (2023). Childhood maltreatment history and trauma-specific predictors of parenting stress in new fathers. Infant Mental Health Journal.
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  6. Fedina, L., Bender, A. E., Tobbits, J. Herrenkohl, T. I., & Tolman, R. (2023). Dating abuse and harassment among sexual and gender minority U.S. college students. LGBT Health, (S1), S79-S88.
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  9. Fedina, L., Moss, L., Rousson, A., Smith, M. E., Bright, C., Herrenkohl, T. I., & DeVylder, J. (2023). Effects of neighborhood disconnection on psychological distress and suicide risk associated with interpersonal violence within racial groups. Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, 16(3), 681-697.
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  11. Lonne, B., Herrenkohl, T. I., Higgins, D. J., & Scott, D. (2022). The implications of leveraging administrative data for public health approaches to protecting children: Sleepwalking into quicksand? International Journal on Child Maltreatment: Research, Policy and Practice, 5, 501-517.
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  17. Fedina, L., Hong, S., Rousson, A., Graham, L., Lee, J. O., & Herrenkohl, T. I. (2022). Childhood maltreatment and intimate partner violence perpetration in adulthood: An investigation into proximal and distal risk factors across the life course. Journal of Family Violence.
  18. Shyrokonis, Y., Fedina, L., Tolman, R., Herrenkohl, T., & Peitzmeier, S. (2022). Perceptions of partner decarceration among survivors of intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Urban Health, 99, 887-893.
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  20. Herrenkohl T. I., Scott, D, Higgins, D. J., Klika, J. B., & Lonne B. (2021). How COVID_19 is placing vulnerable children at risk and why we need a different approach to hcild welfare. Child Maltreatment, 26(1), 9-16.
  21. Ortega, R. M., Johnson-Motoyama, M., Merkel-Holguin, L., Rodriguez, C. M., Lee, S. J., Maguire-Jack, K. M., & Herrenkohl, T. I. (2021). Fauri 2020 Lecture: Child welfare and the COVID-19 pandemic. Advisor. NY: The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, 33(2), 8-19.
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  23. Herrenkohl, T. I., Roberto, K., Fedina, L., Hong, S., & Love, J. (2021). Prospective study on child abuse and elder mistreatment: Assessing direct effects and associations with depression and substance use problems during adolescence and middle adulthood. Innovation in Aging, 5(3), 1-8.
  24. Herrenkohl, T. I., Fedina, L., Hong, S., Lee, O., & Saba, S. (2021). Associations between prospective and retrospective measures of child abuse and self-reported adult health at midlife. Child Abuse and Neglect, 120, 105203.
  25. Jung, H., Herrenkohl, T. I., Skinner, M. L., & Rousson, A. N. (2021). Does educational success mitigate the effect of child maltreatment on later offending patterns? Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 36(3-4), NP1833-1855NP.


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