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School of Social Work Research Publications for Shanna K. Kattari

  1. Langenderfer-Magruder, L., Walls, N. E., Kattari, S. K., Whitfield, D. L., & Ramos, D. (2016). Sexual victimization and subsequent police reporting by gender identity among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer adults. Violence and Victims, 31(2), 320-331.
  2. Kattari, S. K., Whitfield, D. L., Walls, N. E., Langenderfer-Magruder, L., & Ramos, D. (2016). Policing gender through housing and employment discrimination: Discrimination between transgender and cisgender LGBQ individuals. Journal of the Society for Social Work Research, 7(3), 427-447.
  3. Kattari, S. K. & Hasche, L. (2016). Differences across age groups in transgender and gender non-conforming people’s experiences of health care discrimination, harassment, and victimization. Journal of Aging and Health, 28(2), 285-306.
  4. Begun, S. & Kattari, S. K. (2016). Conforming for survival: Associations between transgender visual conformity/passing and homelessness experiences. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 18(1), 54-66.
  5. Ramseyer Winter, V., O’Neill, E., Begun, S., Kattari, S. K., & McKay, K. (2016). MSW student perceptions of sexual health as relevant to the profession: Do social work educational experiences matter? Social Work in Health Care.
  6. Kattari, S. K., Walls, N. E., Speer, S. R., & Kattari, L. (2016). The relationship between provider inclusivity and the mental health outcomes of transgender and gender variant people in Colorado. Social Work in Health Care.
  7. Kattari, S. K. & Begun, S. (2016). On the margins of the marginalized: Transgender homelessness and survival sex. AFFILIA: Journal of Women and Social Work.
  8. Ramseyer Winter, V., Kattari, S. K., Begun, S., & McKay, K. (2016). Personal and professional values: Relationships between social workers’ reproductive health knowledge, attitudes, and ethical decision-making. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 13(2), 35-46.
  9. Kattari, S. K. (2015). Book review: Excluded – Making feminist and queer movements more inclusive. AFFILIA: Journal of Women and Social Work, 30(3), 411-412.
  10. Kattari, S. K. (2015). But what about Shanna? In J. Johnson & B. Garrison (Eds.), Love, Always: Partners of Trans People on Intimacy, Challenge and Resistance. Oakland, CA: Transgress Press.
  11. Kattari, S. K. (2015). Body love and disabilities: Intersections of identities. In J. Baker (Ed.), Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living. Berkeley, CA: Seal Press.
  12. Kattari, S. K. (2015). Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ageing: Biographical approaches for inclusive care and support (book review). The Journal of GLBT Family Services, 11(2), 203-204.
  13. Kattari, S. K., Walls, N. E., Whitfield, D. L. & Langenderfer-Magruder, L. (2015). Racial and ethnic differences in experiences of discrimination in accessing health services among transgender people in the United States. International Journal of Transgenderism, 16(2), 68-79.
  14. Kattari, S. K. (2015). “Getting it”: Identity and sexual communication for sexual and gender minorities with physical disabilities. Sexuality and Culture, 19(4), 882-899.
  15. Kattari, S. K. (2015). Examining ableism in higher education through social dominance theory and social learning theory. Innovative Higher Education, 40(5), 375-386.
  16. Katz, S. (2014). Your Light. In L. Factora-Borchers & A. Shahidah Simmons (Eds.), Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence. Oakland, CA: AK Press.
  17. Kattari, S. K. (2014). Sexual experiences of adults with physical disabilities: Negotiating with sexual partners. Sexuality and Disability Special Issue: The Emerging Intersection of Sexuality and Disability in the Profession of Social Work, 32(4), 499-513.
  18. Katz, S. (2006). The Long Term Effect of Comprehensive Sexuality Education on College Age Women and How They View Their Bodies. Oakland, CA: AK Press.
  19. Welsh, E, F., Andrus, E. C., Sandler, C., Moravek, M. B., Stroumsa D., Kattari, S. K., Walline, H. M., Goudsmit, C. M., & Brouwer, A. F. (in press). Cervicovaginal and anal self-sampling for human papillomavirus testing in a transgender and gender diverse population assigned female at birth: comfort, difficulty, and willingness to use. LGBT Health.
  20. Wernick, L. J., Singh, R. C. B., Lee- Johnson, N. M., Kattari, S. K., & Holloway, B. T. (in press). Basic access towards embodied inclusion: Low hanging fruit for affirming disabled people in social work education. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare [Special Issue].
  21. Singh, R. C. B. Yakas, L., Wernick, L. J., Slayter, E., Kattari, S. K., & Taylor, S., J. (in press). Anti-ableist and disability justice pedagogy in social work education. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare [Special Issue].
  22. Shires, D., Kattari, L., Hill, H., Anderson, K. D., Misiolek, B. A., & Kattari, S. K. (in press). Who accesses gender-affirming hormone therapy? Differences between transgender and gender diverse adults currently using hormone therapy and non-users reporting interest in future use. LGBT Health.


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