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School of Social Work Research Publications for Shanna K. Kattari

  1. McIntosh, R. D., Andrus, E. C., Walline, H. M., Sandler, C., Goudsmit, C. M., Moravek, M. B., Stroumsa D., Kattari, S. K., & Brouwer, A. F. (2024). Prevalence and determinants of genital, oral, and anal HPV infection in a population of transgender and nonbinary people assigned female at birth. LGBT Health.
  2. Kattari, L., Hill, H., Shires, D. A., Prieto, L. R., Modi, I. K., Misiolek, B. A., & Kattari, S. K. (2024). Prescription pain reliever misuse among transgender and gender diverse adults in Michigan. Transgender Health, 9(1), 68-75.
  3. Gzesh, A. S., Prince, D., Jelinek, S. K., Hillier, A., Kattari, S. K., Shelton, J., & Paceley, M. S. (2024). “Death threats and despair”: A conceptual model delineating moral distress experienced by pediatric gender-affirming care providers. Social Science and Humanities Open, 9, 100867.
  4. Gross, E. B., Kattari, S. K., Wilcox, R. Ernst, S., Steel, M., & Parrish, D. (2024). I've had several providers who recognize my humanity”: Exploring health/positive healthcare interactions of TGD students. LGBT Youth Special Issue: Thriving on Campus: Promoting the Inclusion, Academic Development, and Wellbeing of Diverse 2SLGBTQ+ University and College Students, 21(4), 323-347.
  5. Slayter, E. M., Kattari, S. K., Yakas, L., Singh, R. C. B., Goulden, A., Taylor, S., ... & Prince, D. (2023). Beyond ramps, curb cuts, and captions: A call for disability justice in social work. Social Work, 68(1), 89-92.
  6. Goulden, A., Kattari, S. K., Slayter, E. M., & Norris, S. E. (2023). ‘Disability is an art. It's an ingenious way to live.’: Integrating disability justice principles and critical feminisms in social work to promote inclusion and anti-ableism in Professional Praxis. Affilia, 38(4), 732-741.
  7. Kattari, S. K. & Hess, E. (2023). Harnessing the power of new media for good: Using TikTok as a tool for social justice and social work education. Reflections.
  8. Paceley, M. S., Watson, R., Fish, J. N., Clayton, J., Ramseyer Winter, V., Kattari, S. K., & Walter, S. (2023). The relationship between the family environment and community context on LGBTQ+ youth’s disordered eating behaviors. Families in Societies.
  9. Smith, M. J., Sherwood, K., Sung, C., Williams, E., Ross, B., Sharma, S., Sharma, A., Harrington, M., Brown, C., Telfer, D., Bond, J., Toda, S., Kearon, D., Morrow, S., Lovelace, T., Dababnah, S., Kattari, S. K., Magaña, S., Watkins, T., Liggett, C., Riddle, E., Smith, J. D., Hume, K., Dawkins, T., Baker-Ericzén, M., Eack, S. M., Sinco, B., Burke-Miller, J., Olsen, D., Elkins, J., Humm, L., & Steacy, C. (2023). Enhancing pre-employment transition services: A type 1 hybrid randomized controlled trial protocol for evaluating WorkChat: A virtual workday among autistic transition-age youth. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 34, 101153.
  10. Lacombe-Duncan, A., Kattari, S. K., Kattari, L., Scheim, A. I., & Misiolek, B. A. (2023). Prevalence of and time since last non-HIV sexually transmitted infection testing among transgender and nonbinary persons: Results of a community-based cross-sectional survey. Sexual Health, 20(1), 87-91.
  11. Sherwood, K. & Kattari, S. (2023). Reducing ableism in social work education through universal design for learning and policy. Journal of Social Work Education, 59(1), 119-132.
  12. Kattari, S. K., Gross, E. B., Harner, V., Andrus, E., Stroumsa, D., Moravek, M. B., & Brouwer, A. (2022). “Doing it on my own terms:” Transgender and nonbinary adults’ experiences to with HPV self-swabbing home testing kits. Women's Reproductive Health, 10(4), 496-512.
  13. Harrop, E. & Kattari, S. K. (2022). 'I’m coming out!’: An autoethnographic situation of self(ves) within queer fat chronically ill identity. Body Image. Special Issue: Weight as a Social Identity: Theoretical and Empirical Advances, 41, 209-215.
  14. Guz, S., Kattari, S. K., Hecht, H. K, Gross, E. B., & Ross, E. (2022). Scoping review of empirical asexuality research in social science literature. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 51(4), 2135-2145.
  15. Gross, E. B., Kattari, S. K., Wilcox, R. Ernst, S., Steel, M., & Parrish, D. (2022). Intricate realities: Mental health of transgender/gender diverse university students in the Midwest. Youth. Special Issue: LGBTIA+ Youth, 2(4), 733-745.
  16. Lacombe-Duncan, A., Kattari, L., Kattari, S. K., Scheim, A. I., Alexander, F., Yonce, S., & Misiolek, B. A. (2022). HIV testing among transgender and nonbinary persons in Michigan, United States: Results of a community-based survey. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 25(Suppl 5), e25972.
  17. Speer, S. R., Atteberry-Ash, B., Kattari, S. K., Kattari, L., Gupta, R., & Walls, N. E. (2022). An intersectional modeling of risk for non-suicidal self-injury among LGBTQ adolescents. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 31(4), 1158-1171.
  18. Kattari, L., Kattari, S. K., Kinney, M. K., & Walls, N. E. (2022). Matchmaking methodology for humanizing transgender and gender diverse health research. Progress in Community Health Partnerships Research, Education, and Action, 17(1), 153-158.
  19. Kattari, S. K., Kattari, L., Lacombe-Duncan, A., Shelton, J., & Misiolek, B. A. (2022). Differential experiences of sexual, physical, and emotional intimate partner violence and sexual violence among transgender and nonbinary adults. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 37(23-24).
  20. Paceley, M. S., Kattari, S. K., Jackson Levin, N., Banks, A., Rameyer Winter, V., Bauerband,L., & Harper, D. (2022). Inclusive, innovative and interdisciplinary: Promoting a paradigmatic shift in cancer research among transgender and gender diverse adolescents and young adults. Annals of LGBTQ Public and Population Health: Advancing Health Equity in Sexual and Gender Minority Cancer Care, 3(2).
  21. Levin N., Zhang A., Kattari S. K., & Zebrack B. (2022). “'Queer Insights’: Considerations for assessing sex and gender in oncofertility research. Annals of LGBTQ Public and Population Health, 3(4), 1-18.
  22. Paceley, M. S., Goffnett, J., Diaz, A., Kattari, S. K., Navarro, J., & Greenwood, E. (2021). “I didn’t come here to make trouble”: Resistance strategies utilized by transgender and gender diverse youth in the Midwestern U.S. Youth, 1(1), 29-46.
  23. Kattari, S. K., Atteberry-Ash, B. Collins, C. Kattari, L., & Harner, V. (2021). Increased prevalence, predictors, and in-group differences of forced sex and physical dating violence among trans/gender diverse youth. Social Sciences, 10(6), 236-247.
  24. Prieto, L., Shires, D. A., Kattari, L., Modi, I., Misiolek, B. A., & Kattari, S. K. (2021). Secondary analysis of the Michigan transgender health survey examining HIV and STI screening use among transmasculine individuals. Annals of LGBTQ Public and Population Health, 4(1), 14-25.
  25. Gerke, D., Call, J., Atteberry-Ash, B., Kattari, S., Kattari, L., & Hostetter, R. (2021). Alcohol use at the intersection of sexual orientation and gender identity in a representative sample of youth in Colorado. The American Journal on Addictions, 31(1), 61-68.


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