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School of Social Work Research Publications for Sheila C. Feld

  1. Kim, M. H., Dunkle, R. E., Lehning, A. J., Shen, H. W., Feld, S., & Perone, A. K. (2016). Caregiver stressors and depressive symptoms among older husbands and wives in the United States. Journal of Women and Aging.
  2. Dunkle, R. E., Feld, S., Lehning, A., Kim, H., Shen, H., & Kim, M. H. (2014). Does becoming an ADL spousal caregiver increase the caregiver's depressive symptoms? Research on Aging, 36(6), 655-682.
  3. Chadiha, L. A., Feld, S., & Rafferty, J. (2011). Likelihood of African American primary caregivers and care recipients receiving assistance from secondary caregivers: A rural-urban comparison. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 30(4), 422-442.
  4. Feld, S., Dunkle, R. E., Schroepfer, T., & Shen, H. W. (2010). Does gender moderate factors associated with whether spouses are the sole providers of IADL to their partners? Research on Aging 1-28.
  5. Madeo, A., Feld, S., & Spencer, B. (2008). Ethical and practical challenges raised by an adult day program’s caregiver satisfaction survey. American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias, 23(5), 423-429.
  6. Feld, S., Dunkle, R., Schroepfer, T., & Shen, H. W. (2006). Expansion of elderly couples' IADL caregiver networks beyond the marital dyad. International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 63(2), 95-113.
  7. Feld, S., Dunkle, R. E., & Schroepfer, T. (2004). When do couples expand their ADL caregiver network beyond the marital dyad? Marriage and Family Review, 37(1/2), 27-44.
  8. Feld, S., Dunkle, R. E., & Schroepfer, T. (2004). Race/ethnicity and marital status in IADL caregiver networks. Research on Aging, 26(5), 531-558.

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