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School of Social Work Research Publications for Matthew J. Smith

  1. Bornheimer, L. A., Wojtalik, J., Li, J, Cobia, D., & Smith, M. J. (2021). Suicidal ideation in first-episode psychosis: Considerations for depression, positive symptoms, clinical insight, and cognition. Schizophrenia Research, 228, 298-304.
  2. Ustel, K. P., Smith, M. J., Blajeski, S., Johnson, J. M., Butler, V. G., Nicolia-Adkins, J., Ortquist, M. J., Razzano, L. A., & Lapidos, A. (2021). Acceptability and feasibility of peer specialist-delivered virtual reality job interview training for individuals with serious mental illness: a qualitative study. Journal of Technology in Human Services.
  3. Smith, M. J., Sherwood, K., Ross, B., Smith, J. D., DaWalt, L., Bishop, L., Humm, L., Elkins, J., & Steacy, C. (2021). Virtual interview training for autistic transition age youth: A randomized controlled feasibility and effectiveness trial. Autism.
  4. Smith, M. J., Smith, J. D., Jordan, N., Sherwood, K., McRobert, E., Ross, B., Oulvey, E. A., & Atkins, M. S. (2021). Virtual reality job interview training in transition services: Results of a single-arm non-controlled effectiveness-implementation hybrid trial. Journal of Special Education Technology, 36(1), 3-17.
  5. Smith, M. J., Sherwood, K., Blajeski, S., Ross, B., Smith, J. D., Jordan, N., Dawalt, L., Bishop, L., & Atkins, M. S. (2021). Job interview and vocational outcomes among transition-age youth receiving special education pre-employment transition services. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
  6. Smith, M. J., Mitchell, J., Blajeski, S., Parham, B., Harrington, M., Ross, B., Sinco, B., Brydon, D.M., Johnson, J. E., Cuddeback, G. S., Smith, J. D., Jordan, N., Bell, M. D., McGeorge, R., Kaminski, K., Suganuma, A., & Kubiak, S. (2020). Enhancing vocational training in corrections: A type 1 hybrid randomized controlled trial to evaluate virtual reality job interview training among returning citizens preparing for community re-entry. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications.
  7. Smith, M. J., Bornheimer, L. A., Li, J., Blajeski, S., Hiltz, B., Fischer, D. J., Check, K., & Ruffolo, M. (2020). Computerized clinical training simulations with virtual clients abusing alcohol: Initial feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness. Clinical Social Work Journal.
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  10. Lapidos, A., Jester, J., Ortquist, M., Werner, P., Ruffalo, M., & Smith, M. J. (2019). Survey of peer support specialists: professional activities, self-rated skills, job satisfaction, and financial wellbeing. Psychiatric Services, 69, 1264-1267.
  11. Bishop-Fitzpatrick, L., Dababnah, S., Baker-Ericzen, M. J., Smith, M. J., & Magaña, S. M. (2019). Autism spectrum disorder and the science of social work: a grand challenge for social work research. Social Work in Mental Health, 17, 73-92.
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  14. Levar, N., Francis, A. N., Smith, M. J., & Gilman, J. M. (2018). Verbal memory performance and reduced cortical thickness of brain regions along the uncinate fasciculus in young adult cannabis users. Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, 3(1), 56-65.
  15. Wojtalik, J. A., Eack, S. M., Smith, M. J. & Keshavan, M. S. (2018). Using cognitive neuroscience to improve mental health treatment: A comprehensive review. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 9(2), 223-260.
  16. Smith, M. J., Alden E. C., Herrold, A., Roberts A. G., Reilly, J. L., Stern, D., Jones, J., Barnes, A., Huestis, M., & Breiter, H. C. (2018). Self-reported cannabis use is associated with the biometrics of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 79(3), 441-446.
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  23. Smith M. J., Smith J. D., Fleming M. F., Jordan N., Brown C. H., Humm L. B., Olsen D., & Bell M. D. (2017). Mechanism of action for obtaining job offers after virtual reality job interview training. Psychiatric Services, 68(7), 747-750.
  24. Jao, N. C., Veluz-Wilkins, A. K., Smith, M. J., Carroll, A., Blazekovic, S., Leone, F. T., Tyndale, R., Schnoll, R. A., & Hitsman, B. (2017). Does menthol cigarette use moderate the effects of nicotine metabolism on short-term smoking cessation. Experimental and Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology, 25, 216-222.
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