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Certificate in Integrated Health in Schools

(all day)

Participants in the Schools track will benefit from a dynamic learning experience. Through live lectures and interactive sessions, participants will enhance their knowledge and skills in various areas:

Model Conceptualization: Gain a deep understanding of how to conceptualize integrated wellness models.

MTSS Framework: Explore a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), a proactive and preventative framework, originally derived from the public health and disease control model, and understand its application in schools.

Holistic Student Needs: Discover strategies for addressing the holistic needs of students, recognizing that their well-being encompasses more than academics.

Interdisciplinary Team-based Care: Develop the skills to foster interdisciplinary teams with a shared vision, with the administrator as the guiding force. Learn to build a collaborative team approach to student care, both within the school community and in coordination with external partners.

From Theory to Practice: Transition seamlessly from theory to practical application.

Policy Landscape & Funding Models: Explore state and federal policies including funding models that support school-based integrated whole healthcare.

Real Case Examples: Gain insights from real-life case examples of schools successfully implementing team-based care and collaborative workflows.

Resources: Receive practical resources (e.g., toolkits, templates, etc.) to empower school staff and their community collaborators in their role.

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Session Information

  • 10-16-2024 17:30:00 to 19:30:00
  • 10-23-2024 17:30:00 to 19:30:00
  • 10-30-2024 17:30:00 to 19:30:00
  • 11-6-2024 17:30:00 to 19:30:00
  • 11-13-2024 17:30:00 to 19:30:00
  • 11-20-2024 17:30:00 to 19:30:00
  • 12-4-2024 17:30:00 to 19:30:00
  • 12-11-2024 17:30:00 to 19:30:00

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