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Candace E. Terhune-Flannery

SSW Assistant Dean for Administration and Operations

Candace E. Terhune-Flannery

After over 34.5 years of service to the University, Assistant Dean Candace Terhune-Flannery will be retiring on 4/4/2022. Candace's retirement marks the end of an era for the School of Social Work, where she has called home since July 2000. She has supported three deans, two interim deans, and scores of faculty and staff. Under her supervision, the school optimized processes, improved efficiency, and built an information system that powers the school's operations internally and within the larger University Michigan. Candace's years of administrative and operational experience both at the SSW and UM level are nearly irreplaceable, so the SSW will be taking a team-based approach to transitioning her responsibilities to new and existing staff. This will ensure continuity and stability while maintaining excellence going forward. During the transition period, Candace will onboard and orient this new team to ensure excellence and stability for these critical functions. Candace will also be available for consultation through March 2023 in a part-time consultative capacity.

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