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Tips and Tricks for a Successful Virtual Event

On this document you will find various tips and tricks to help you have a successful event!

Log Into the Virtual Meeting Early

  1. I recommend joining the virtual meeting 10-15 minutes early. That way you can make sure everything is set up properly and you are able to admit early arrivals (I will talk more about admitting guests and waiting rooms later)
  2. If you have any speakers, I recommend having them join early as well so you can test their sound and anything they might want to share.
  3. If you plan to run polls, make sure they are set up properly and you are familiar with how to launch them.

Set Up a Virtual Waiting Room (Rather Than a Password) And Keep an Eye on It

  1. To keep your event safe, it’s best to set up a password or waiting room so you can control who is able to join your event. I prefer a waiting room so guests don’t have to remember the password.
  2. If you choose to use a waiting room, make sure you keep an eye on it so you can admit guests in a timely manner. If it’s a large event, have another “host” so someone can help with admitting people to the event.

Have 1-2 Hosts in Addition to Yourself

  1. When you set up a virtual meeting, you are able to designate hosts. Having more than one will make it easier so one person is not responsible for running the whole show! You can also assign host privileges once the event has started by clicking on their name in the “participant” window.
  2. Different jobs for each host:
    1. Someone keeps on eye on the waiting room
    2. Someone watches the chat and responds to questions or comments
    3. Someone is sharing screen/leading the event

Get Yourself Organized!

  1. First I open all the windows I will be using within Zoom (polls, chat, participants), that way I can easily see everything and don’t have to fumble around once the event has started.
  2. If I need to say anything or share any links, I put it all in a word document that I keep off to the side for easy access
  3. If I plan to play music, I open my spotify app
  4. I create a timed agenda for all my events, I have this open off to the side for reference

If You Are Able to Use Multiple Monitors, I Highly Recommend It!

I like to use three if possible:

  1. I will have one screen dedicated to sharing. If I will be sharing my screen during the event, everything I will share is on one screen.
  2. On the second screen is my Zoom account. This is where I have all of my participants so I can see their faces while I share my screen
    1. Fun fact: I will put the chat, poll window and participant window on the same screen as my “share screen”. Zoom will not let those windows show up once you share your screen but you can still see them!
  3. On my third screen I will put my Spotify app and word document. That way I can easily turn off the music and say my remarks without interrupting my screen share or Zoom window.

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