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Collecting Registrations

Collecting Registrations through AlumniFire

If you are not already on AlumniFire I highly recommend joining to further assist you in promoting your event!

  1. Add your events to the “Calendar” on AlumniFire

    1. Navigate to the “Calendar” tab at the top of the AlumniFire webpage
    2. Select post in the top right corner
    3. Fill in the information for your event and be sure to select “Enable RSVPs”
      1. You will be able to see who plans to attend by visiting the event on AlumniFire
  2. Promote your event on the main feed!
    1. Post about your event on the “feed” of AlumniFire and encourage people to RSVP

If you have questions or run into any issues while setting up an event on AlumniFire, I can provide a brief tutorial on how to do so. Please feel free to contact me at

Collecting RSVPs through other sources

There are other resources available that allow you to send virtual invitations and collect RSVPs. Below are a couple that I have worked in:

  1. Paperless Post
  2. Evite
  3. Create a Google Form
    1. You can create Google Forms by going into your Google Drive associated with your gmail account
    2. Once in your Drive, you click the New button in the upper left hand corner and select Form
    3. You can also use the template I have created - Please be sure to make a copy so others can use the template in the future

Please note that we do not have an account that we can share with you if you choose to go this route. These are outside sources and we can not provide support or assistance with these resources. However, these are great and easy to use tools!

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