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Mariam Alamshahi

Global Activities Scholars Program

Mariam (she/her/hers) is interested in learning about how systems and programs can fail its intended audience and the general consequences of working reactively rather than proactively. Her undergraduate studies in journalism, public relations, and philosophy cultivated her curiosity and encouraged her to advocate for others, to challenge traditional modes of thought, and to think critically about the ripple effect of every decision. Professionally, she worked in annual giving where she educated students about the power of community and engaged them in philanthropic activities. As a first generation Afghan, she is excited to be interning at a legal aid non-profit where she provides support in immigration cases. As a GASP scholar, Mariam hopes to learn about successful international social programs and systems that vary greatly from the approach taken in the United States. She believes that in order for radical change to occur, everyone must leave their egos at the door and welcome ideas that work rather than compete over credit. In her free time she oscillates between nihilistic and existential crises, but combats the two by listening to pop punk bands from the mid 2000s, looking for the moon in the sky, and rereading The Alchemist once a year.

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