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Chidimma Ozor

Global Activities Scholars Program

Chidimma grew up in Ann Arbor, MI and graduated with Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Michigan in Organizational Studies and Liberal Studies, respectively. When she wasn't able to get a job due to the economic downturn, she moved to Las Vegas, NV and worked in various industries including holistic health and wellness, public relations, and finally landed in healthcare. Unbeknownst to her, the time she spent working in primary care and connecting with patients holistically, her love for the study and practice of yoga, her love of her Nigerian roots, in addition to her brief time in Uganda were the gateways to her desire to formally pursue her social work degree.

Upon finishing her professional degree, she is looking forward to serving marginalized folks through her private practice, but especially Black folks since there are not enough Black social workers providing individual therapy. She will also continue infusing yoga, especially trauma-informed/sensitive yoga into this practice as she’s been teaching yoga for over a decade. Chidimma also has a desire to continue working with her consulting firm in an effort to bridge the gap between micro and macro social work practice through social policy and research.

As a Global Activities Program Scholar, Chidimma is looking forward to working towards international/global social work skills,  including true cultural humility, critical analysis, communication (written and verbal), influence, financial and research evaluation, and networking skills. All of which are important to building relationships across networks and the globe.

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