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MSW Program Length

The master of social work (MSW) is a 60-credit-hour degree program that can be completed through one of the four curriculum schedules listed below.

The School of Social Work offers an advanced standing program for students who have completed a bachelor of social work degree and meet all of the requirements for the program. The School also offers a Masters International Volunteer Program, which allows students interested in incorporating 27 months of Peace Corps service into their MSW program.

Students with special needs or obligations can extend their course schedule to five terms rather than four or to four terms rather than three if awarded advanced standing status.

Upon admission, students will be required to confirm which schedule they plan to elect since it determines their field placement assignment. After enrollment, students wishing to change to a different schedule must submit an "Out of Sequence" petition describing an alternate plan. The petition should not be submitted before admission to the MSW program. Such petitions will be granted only if they are deemed educationally sound and all fieldwork and course requirements can be met.

Begins in September with fall term, followed by winter and summer terms, and concludes with graduation in July/August of the first academic year.

The 12-Month (Advanced Standing) program allows students to complete their MSW degree in less time than the traditional MSW program by reducing credit-hours from 60 to 45.

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