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Optimization of a new adaptive intervention to increase COVID-19 testing among people at high risk in an urban community - Supplemental funding FY23

Dr. Pinto will join this project as a co-investigator. Specifically, Dr. Pinto will provide expertise in community based participatory research (CBPR) and practice, group therapy, critical consciousness theory, and research/community collaborations in the field of HIV and drug use prevention. He will work closely with the project principal investigators on an as-needed basis via virtual meetings and e-mail. Dr. Pinto will continue to serve as member and mentor of the Newark Community Collaborative Board and as such he will continue to abide by its bylaws and attend NCCB monthly meetings remotely. Dr. Pinto will attend one international and one domestic conference to co-present findings from the study in year 4. He will participate in at least two manuscripts that result from this work.

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