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Student Organization Grant


The CASC Minor Student Organization Grant offers up to 250 dollars funding for materials, supplies, space, food, or other related expenses to declared students who are engaged in social justice and social action events, programs, initiatives, and projects.


Project Category Description
Community Action and Social Change These projects include collaborative efforts that foster sustainable impact in diverse communities with the intent to build community power, capacity, leadership, and voice on social justice issues.
Social Justice Education These projects foster educational awareness about issues related to social justice, identity, power, and oppression through dialogue, facilitation, teach-ins and workshops, creative expression, and other forums.
Service Learning These projects include a variety of advocacy, service learning, and volunteer activities that promote mentorship, direct services, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, or resource allocation, for communities.
Social and Cultural Awareness These projects promote social and cultural awareness through multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion events, showcase and performance, as well as other efforts.


  • The application must be submitted by a declared CASC minor student who is a registered and active member of the student organization.
  • The application must be from a registered student organization with the Center for Campus Involvement and has a shortcode and grant number.

Grant Cycle Deadlines

  • CASC Grants cannot be used for reimbursements.
  • The full application must be received before the application cycle deadlines and at least 7 days prior to the event date.
  • The project date must be at least 7 days after the grant cycle.

Application cycle deadlines are:

  • First Friday at 11:59 PM in October
  • First Friday at 11:59 PM in November
  • Third Friday at 11:59 PM in January
  • Third Friday at 11:59 PM in February


  • Funding is intended to support events, programs, initiatives, and project expenses.
  • Funding does not support personal expenses such as personal flight or conference attendance, personal professional trainings, etc. support
  • Grantees are required to send in at least one photo and a blurb (approximately 150 words) following completion of the program. Please email these materials to [email protected].

Decision Process

  • Applicants will be informed of CASC’s decision via email within one week after the application cycle deadline.
  • CASC has the option of awarding the entire request, a portion of the request, or denying the request.
  • If an applicant is awarded with the CASC Student Organization Grant, their student organization will receive the award from the School of Social Work in their SOAS account.

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