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  1. Shanna Katz Kattari
    Shanna Kattari Edits New Guide on Sexuality and Disability

    Associate Professor Shanna Kattari is the editor of “Exploring Sexuality and Disability: A Guide for Human Service Professionals,” published earlier this month. “It is the first book on sexuality and disability published specifically focused on those serving and supporting the disability community (compared to targeting only academics or only disabled people), and one of 10 books on sexuality and disability that exist in the world,” said Kattari.

    Chapter editors include Lecturers Jax Kynn, Erin Martinez and Laura Yakas; PhD students E.B. Gross, Nicolas Juarez and Kari Sherwood; and MSW student syd lio riley.

    • September 26, 2023
  2. William Elliott III
    William Elliott III Answers Questions from WalletHub on the Student Loan Moratorium

    Professor William Elliott III spoke with WalletHub about the ending of the student loan moratorium. “The student debt problem requires that policy both deal with its symptoms and its root cause,” said Elliott. “Paying for college should not be a lifelong sentence.”

  3. Lisa FedinaKristin S. SeefeldtRichard M. Tolman
    Lisa Fedina, Kristin Seefeldt, and Rich Tolman on Teams Chosen for New U-M Boost Program

    Assistant Professor Lisa Fedina, Associate Professor Kristin Seefeldt, and Professor Rich Tolman all have projects selected to participate in U-M’s newly launched Boost program. Part of U-M’s Bold Challenges Initiative, the Boost program supports new and early-stage multidisciplinary teams whose ambitious, transdisciplinary projects have substantial potential for significant large-scale funding.

    Fedina and Tolman’s interdisciplinary team’s project explores “Building Trustworthy Environments: Advancing Knowledge about Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Universities, Healthcare, and Communities.” Seefeld is part of the interdisciplinary team studying “Community Tech Workers: Advancing a Sustainable Vision for Small Business Tech Support in Detroit."

  4. H. Luke  Shaefer
    Luke Shaefer’s New Book Exploring “The Injustice of Place” is Published

    Professor Luke Shaefer’s latest book, “The Injustice of Place: Uncovering the Legacy of Poverty in America,” is now available. Together with his co-authors, Shaefer looked at poverty, combined with health outcomes and social mobility rates to examine America’s most disadvantaged communities — almost all of which are rural, and are concentrated in three regions: Appalachia, South Texas, and the southern Cotton Belt.

    “Throughout these regions, we saw the same themes emerge again and again—unequal schooling, the collapse of social infrastructure, violence, entrenched public corruption, and structural racism embedded in government programs,” writes Shaefer.

  5. Fatima Salman
    Fatima Salman Selected to Growing Michigan Together Council Workgroup

    ENGAGE Program Manager and Lecturer Fatima Salman has been named to the Higher Education workgroup of the Growing Michigan Together Council. “The diverse workgroup members of the Growing Michigan Together Council will be instrumental in our effort to grow our economy and population while protecting our natural resources,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “These members represent a range of professions, communities, and perspectives—all of which are essential to developing a comprehensive strategy for growth. I look forward to hearing from the council and its workgroups later this year.”

  6. Susan Radzilowski
    Susan Radzilowski Talks with Michigan Radio on Gender-Affirming Therapy

    Lecturer Susan Radzilowski, MSW ’82, spoke with Michigan Radio about the importance of psychological support for trangender kids, young adults and their families.

    “Not only is cost a barrier to care, but it's sometimes just accessing therapists who understand the principles of gender-affirming care, which is to elevate the child's voice, to hear the child's voice, to offer exploration in a supportive environment, to listen and to understand what's helpful versus what's harmful,” she said.

    Radzilowski is one of the mental health providers working with a new program by Stand with Trans that provides financial support for trans youth who would otherwise not be able to afford mental health counseling

  7. Camille R. Quinn
    Camille Quinn Awarded NIMHD Research Grant

    Associate Professor Camille Quinn has been awarded a National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities R21 research grant. Her study will adapt mindfulness-based stress reduction interventions for justice-involved Black teenage girls.  

    "This National Institute of Health (NIH) grant is a first step in my line of research on Black girls (and their parent/caregiver) who are an understudied and underserved population. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this project in partnership with the Franklin County Juvenile Court and my colleagues at Ohio State,” said Quinn. “What we learn from this study will help us develop culturally tailored interventions to promote Black girls' healing, mental health and crime desistance in a R01, the largest NIH grant in a randomized control trial here in Detroit, MI."

    • August 9, 2023
  8. Karla  Goldman
    Karla Goldman discusses JCLP with the Detroit Jewish News

    Professor Karla Goldman spoke with the Detroit Jewish News about the School’s Jewish Communal Leadership Program, which she directs. The five-semester program gives students an education in social work and Jewish history and culture, along with skills for working with organizations and communities, said Goldman.

  9. William Elliott III
    William Elliott III Speaks with Forbes on the Impact of a College Savings Account

    Professor William Elliott III spoke with Forbes about how San Francisco’s Kindergarten 2 College program, which begins with just a $50 deposit in a college savings account can make a difference. “When you have an asset, it allows you to begin thinking about your future in a more tangible way.”

  10. Fernanda L. Cross
    Fernanda Cross Discusses Latinx Teen Empowerment with WEMU

    Assistant Professor Fernanda Cross spoke with WEMU about the Latinx Teen Empowerment Group at Ypsilanti Community High School. Cross’ research focusing on Latinx immigrants in southeast Michigan lead to the program, which provides small group therapy in Spanish to support mental health and create community. The digital news magazine Concentrate has a companion story to the radio conversation.

    “I'm a Latinx immigrant like them. And I know how much support our community needs, and I know all of our strengths. I know what we're capable of,” said Cross. “If we are able to support the kids, they would be able to accomplish so much more and really be able to demonstrate their strength and just have a better experience — better outcome — for their lives.”

    • July 27, 2023

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