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  1. Lindsay A. Bornheimer
    Lindsay Bornheimer and Juliann Li Verdugo Receive Outstanding Research Mentor Award

    Assistant Professor Lindsay Bornheimer and Research Project Coordinator Juliann Li Verdugo received a 2023 Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Outstanding Research Mentor Award. 

    Each year, UROP recognizes outstanding mentors who have exceeded expectations in providing opportunities and guidance to their UROP students. These exceptional mentors demonstrate an interest in the college experiences, academic goals and career plans of their students.

    Bornheimer and Li Verdugo were nominated by their undergraduate student, Natasha Matta, and were honored during the UROP Spring Research Symposium.

  2. H. Luke  Shaefer
    Luke Shaefer Discusses Flint’s New RxKids Program

    Professor Luke Shaefer spoke with Michigan Advance about Rx Kids, a new program in Flint, Michigan, which will work to improve residents’ health by alleviating poverty in the state’s poorest city. The program, which is likely to begin in 2024, specifically focuses on maternal and infant health outcomes at a community level; every Flint resident who is pregnant will be eligible to receive direct cash payments during their pregnancy and throughout the first year of their child’s life. RxKids is a collaboration between Michigan State University and University of Michigan. Shaefer, who is the director of U-M’s Poverty Solutions, is working on the program’s launch.

    “This is something where Flint becomes a leader for the nation; that’s a really powerful thing,” Shaefer said. “We’ve already spent time at the White House, at the U.S. Capitol, in Lansing, and I’ve never had a project like this where people get this happy,” Shaefer said. “I’ve been working in poverty for a long time, and I think the design of this and values imbued in it are fundamentally different than other efforts.” 

    Shaefer also discussed the program with WKAR, Vigourtimes and Yahoo! News.

  3. Yatesha D. Robinson
    Yatesha Robinson Selected as a 2023 Michigan Road Scholar

    Field Faculty Yatesha Robinson has been selected as a 2023 Michigan Road Scholar. The annual Michigan Road Scholar Tour is a five-day traveling seminar through the state of Michigan for U-M faculty. The tour provides a unique opportunity for faculty to learn more about the state’s economy, government, geography, educational systems, history and the diverse communities and cultures. The experience encourages public service and collaboration for the benefit of all Michiganders. This year’s tour takes place during the first week of May.

  4. Lindsay A. Bornheimer
    Lindsay Bornheimer Invited to Speak at the Albert J. Silverman Conference

    Assistant Professor Lindsay Bornheimer was an invited faculty speaker at the Albert J. Silverman Conference in the Department of Psychiatry this week. She spoke about her study in a presentation on "Adapting a Cognitive Behavioral Suicide  Prevention Treatment for Adults with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders in Community Mental Health.”

  5. Laura L. Sanders
    Laura Sanders Discusses Animal-Assisted Therapy and Social Work

    Lecturer Laura Sanders’ work with animal-assisted therapy (AAT) at her farm is featured in Crazy Wisdom Journal. “Instead of vegetables, we produce mental health,” she says.

    Sanders describes her approach to AAT and how she uses it to teach relationship-building with social work students.

  6. Matthew J. Smith
    Matt Smith’s Research Cited in MIT Technology Review Article on Virtual Reality

    Professor Matt Smith’s research was cited in the MIT Technology Review on the potential of using virtual reality as a therapeutic tool, specifically for incarcerated individuals. Smith originally developed Molly, a virtual-reality tool for job interview training, for underserved groups. Molly was used in a pilot program with 44 men involved with the justice system. The findings showed that 82% of those who used the tool landed a job within six months of being released, compared with 69% of other program participants.

    “Above just the employment rate, those that interviewed with Molly had stronger interview skills over time, greater reductions in interview anxiety over time, and greater increase in motivation to interview over time,” said Smith.

  7. Shanna Katz Kattari
    Shanna Kattari Quoted in USA Today on Anti-Trans Rhetoric & Laws

    Associate Professor Shanna Kattari is quoted in USA Today on the recent negative attention and laws in the U.S. targeting transgender people. "All of this anti-trans rhetoric is absolutely about power and control, though some people may also hate trans people," says Kattari, "We are seeing the pendulum swing back in response to all the progress towards equity and justice that has been made over the past decade or so."

  8. John E. Tropman
    John Tropman Writes New Book on Leading Efficient Meetings

    Professor Emeritus John Tropman’s new book, “Fixing Broken Meetings: A Manual on Meeting Rotten-osity, Deleterious Decisions, and Ineffective Implementation,” examines the myriad ways in which meetings regularly fail and how individuals and organizations can produce efficient meetings that lead to effective decision making. The book serves as a resource for courses and programs in business and organizational behavior, as well as for anyone interested in improving the functionality of meetings within their organizations.

  9. H. Luke  Shaefer
    Luke Shaefer Discusses Unemployment Benefits on Marketplace

    Professor Luke Shaefer spoke with Marketplace about the recent report showing that only 25 percent of those who were out of work in 2022 applied for unemployment benefits.  “There is undoubtedly a set of people who actually are eligible for benefits and should be getting them,” said Shaefer, who calls unemployment benefits “the most arcane and complicated” government program.

  10. Rebeccah Sokol
    Rebeccah Sokol Named 2023 Public Engagement Faculty Fellow

    Assistant Professor Rebeccah Sokol has been named a 2023 Public Engagement Faculty Fellow. The university launched its Public Engagement Faculty Fellowship program in 2020 to help faculty bolster their knowledge and skills, and also reflect on how public engagement aligns with their scholarly identity. The effort includes creating an interdisciplinary, intergenerational learning community, as well as encouraging recognition of and experimentation with all forms of public engagement.

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