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School of Social Work Research Publications for Joseph A. Himle

  1. Becker, H., Beltz, A., Himle, J. A., Abelson, J. L., Russman Block, S., Taylor, S. F., & Fitzgerald, K. D. (2024). Changes in brain network connections after exposure and response prevention therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder in adolescents and adults. Biological Psychiatry, 9(1), 70-79.
  2. Himle, J. A., Grogan-Kaylor, A., Hiller, M. A., Mannella, K. A., Norman, L. J., Abelson, J. L., Prout, A., Shunnarah, A. A., Becker, H. C., Russman Block, S. R., Taylor, S. F., & Fitzgerald, K. D. (2024). Exposure and response prevention versus stress management training for adults and adolescents with obsessive compulsive disorder: A randomized clinical trial. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 172, 104458.
  3. Yarrington, J. S., LeBeau, R. T., Metts, A. V., Echiveri-Cohen, A., Himle, J., & Craske, M. G. (2023). The relationship between major and everyday discrimination and suicide thoughts and behavior among a sample of socially anxious job seekers. Stigma and Health, Advance online publication.
  4. Thesen, T., Himle, J. A., Jonsbu, E., Pripp, A. H., Gallefoss, F., Thorup, F., & Walseth, L. T. (2023). Patients with depression symptoms are more likely to experience improvements of internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy: a secondary analysis of effect modifiers in patients with non-cardiac chest pain in a randomized controlled trial. BMC Psychiatry, 23(1), 751.
  5. Felsman, P., Sinco, B., Siefert, C., & Himle, J. A. (2023). Reducing social anxiety and intolerance of uncertainty in adolescents with improvisational theater. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 82, 101985.
  6. Russman Block, S., Norman, L. J., Zhang, X., Mannella, K. A., Yang, H., Angstadt, M., Abelson, J. L., Himle, J. A., Taylor, S. F. & Fitzgerald, K. D. (2023). Resting-state connectivity and response to psychotherapy treatment in adolescents and adults with OCD: a randomized clinical trial. American Journal of Psychiatry,180(1), 89-99.
  7. Bornheimer, L. A., Li Verdugo, J., Krasnick, J., Jeffers, N, Storey, F., King, C. A., Taylor, S. F., Florence, T., & Himle, J. A. (2023). A cognitive-behavioral suicide prevention treatment for adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders in community mental health: Preliminary findings of an open pilot study. Social Work in Mental Health. 1-23.
  8. De Nadai, A. S., Fitzgerald, K. D., Norman, L. J., Russman Block, S. R., Mannella, K. A., Himle, J. A., & Taylor, S. F. (2023). Defining brain-based OCD patient profiles using task-based fMRI andunsupervised machine learning. Neuropsychopharmacology, 48(2), 402-409.
  9. Xiang, X., Kayser, J., Ash, S., Zheng, C., Halavanau, A., Sun, Y., Xue, J., Weaver, A., Dunkle, R., Blackburn, J., & Himle, J. (2023). Web-based cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression among older adults: Development and usability study. JMIR Aging.
  10. Weaver, A., Landry, C., Zhang, A. McQuown, L., Hahn, J., Harrington, M. M., Tucker, K., Holzworth, J., Buys, T., Smith, F. N., Grogan-Kaylor, A., Pfeiffer, P., Kilbourne, A. M., & Himle, J. A. (2022). Study protocol: A randomized controlled trial of Raising Our Spirits Together, an entertaining, group-based, technology-assisted cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, tailored for rural adults an delivery by clergy. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 29, 100952.
  11. Metts, A. V., LeBeau, R. T., Craske, M. G., & Himle, J. A. (2022). Perceived interpersonal competence as a predictor of clinical outcomes in a randomized controlled trial for social anxiety and employment. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, 52, 146-162.
  12. Bornheimer, L. A., Li Verdugo, J., Holzworth, Im, V., Smith, F., Sliwa, H., Taylor, S. F., King, C. A., Florence, T., Tarrier, N., & Himle, J. A. (2022). Modifying a cognitive behavioral suicide prevention treatment for adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders in community mental health. Psychiatry Research, 311, 114505.
  13. Choi, S. Y., Rusch, A., Koschmann, E., Bilek, E. L., Lane, A., Abelson, J. L., Eisenberg, D., Himle, J. A., Fitzgerald, K. D., Liebrecht, C., Kilbourne, A. M., & Smith, S. N. (2022). How effective are school professionals at identifying students who might benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy? Baseline data from the adaptive school-based Implementation of cognitive behavioral therapy trial. Frontiers in Education, 7.
  14. Bornheimer, L. A., Li Verdugo, J., Holzworth, J., Smith, F. N., & Himle, J. A. (2022). Mental health provider perspectives of the COVID-19 pandemic impact on service delivery: A focus on challenges in remote engagement, suicide risk assessment, and treatment of psychosis. BMC Health Services Review, 22, 718.
  15. Bertelsen, T. B., Wergeland, G. J., Nordgreen, T., Himle, J. A., & Håland, Å. T. (2022). Benchmarked effectiveness of family and school involvement in group exposure therapy for adolescent anxiety disorder. Psychiatry Research, 114632.
  16. Smith, S., Almirall, D., Choi, S. Y., Koschmann, E., Rusch, A., Bilek, E., Lane, A., Abelson, J. A., Eisenberg, D., Himle, J. A., Fitzgerald, K. D., Liebrecht, C., & Kilbourne, A. M. (2022). Primary aim results of a clustered SMART for developing a school-level, adaptive implementation strategy to support CBT delivery at high schools in Michigan. Implementation Science, 17, 1-19.
  17. De Nadai, A., Fitzgerald, K. D., Norman, L., Russman-Block, S., Mannella, K., Himle, J. A., & Taylor, S. (2022). Defining brain-based OCD patient profiles using task-based fMRI and unsupervised machine learning. Neuropsychopharmacology, 48(2), 402-409.
  18. Zhang, A., Weaver, A., Walling, E., Zebrack, B., Jackson Levin, N., Stuchell, B., & Himle, J. (2022). Evaluating an engaging and coach-assisted online cognitive behavioral therapy for depression among adolescent and young adult cancer survivors: A pilot feasibility trial. Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, 41(1), 20-42.
  19. Thesen, T., Himle, J. A., Martinsen, E. W., Walseth, L. T., Thorup, F., Gallefoss, F., & Jonsbu, E. (2022). Effectiveness of internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy with telephone support for noncardiac chest pain: Randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 24(1), e33631.
  20. Bertelsen, T. B., Himle, J. A., & Håland, Å. T. (2022). Bidirectional relationship between family accommodation and youth anxiety during cognitive-behavioral treatment. Child Psychiatry and Human Development.
  21. Himle, J. A., Weaver, A., Zhang, A., & Xiang, X. (2022). Digital mental health interventions for depression. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 29(1), 50-59.
  22. Xiang X., Kayser J., Sun Y., & Himle J. A. (2021). Internet-based psychotherapy intervention for depression among older adults receiving home care: Quality study of participants’ experiences. JMIR Aging, 4(4), e27630.
  23. Weaver, A., Zhang, A., Landry, C., Hahn, J., McQuown, L., O'Donnell, L. A., Harrington, M M., Buys, T., Tucker, K. M., Pfeiffer, P., Kilbourne, A. M., Grogan-Kaylor, A., & Himle, J. A. (2021). Technology-assisted, group-based CBT for rural adults' depression: Open pilot trial results. Research on Social Work Practice, 32(2), 131-145.
  24. Weaver, A., Zhang, A., Xiang X., Felsman, P., Fischer, D. J., & Himle, J. A. (2021). Entertain Me Well: An entertaining, tailorable, online platform for delivering depression treatment. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 30(1), 96-115.
  25. Thesen, T., Jonsbu, E., Martinsen, E. W. Himle, J. A., Thorup, F., Launes, G., Gallefoss, F., Klovning, I., & Walseth, L. T. (2021). Internet-assisted cognitive behavioural therapy for non-cardiac chest pain: a pilot and feasibility study. The Cognitive Behavior Therapist, 14, E19.


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