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Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management FAQ

  1. How is financial aid awarded to MSW students?

    The School of Social Work Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management provides grant and scholarship assistance. The University Office of Financial Aid provides loans and work study awards. Many scholarships and grants are awarded at the time of admission. To view the full range of financial aid opportunities, visit our MSW Financial Aid webpage.

  2. How long does it take to earn the MSW degree?

    Some students can complete the MSW program in 12 months (full-time Advanced Standing, MicroMasters MSW, MasterTrack MSW, U-M Sociology & SW, and UM-Dearborn Human Services & SW). Students in our full-time four-term programs complete the program in either 16 months or 20 months. Part-time students have different options. Please visit our Program Length webpage for details.

  3. How many credit hours will I take every semester?

    Our students typically complete about 14 – 17 credit hours per semester. Full time students average 15 credit hours per semester. The number of credit hours students enroll in varies depending on which track you have chosen.

    Typical Advanced Standing Schedule:

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  4. How many of the students are awarded scholarships or financial assistance?

    About 90% of the MSW class apply for and receive some form of grant and/or scholarship assistance.

  5. How many students apply and how many are accepted into the MSW Program each year?

    Usually we receive 1,100 - 1,300 applications and enroll an incoming class of approximately 430 students. In 2018 the MSW program received over 1,250 applications. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

  6. How many students are in the School?

    Approximately 415 new students are enrolled each fall term. Total size of the MSW program is about 700 in the fall term, 500 in the winter term and 350 in the spring/summer term.

  7. How much are tuition and fees for the MSW Program?

    Tuition and fee expenses are $31,114 for Michigan residents; $49,562 for non-residents for two semesters of full-time on-campus enrollment. The Regents of the University set tuition and fees in July of each year; so costs are subject to increase each year.

    To learn more about tuition fees and expenses, please visit the MSW Tuition & Student Budget webpages.

    To learn more about SSW financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid webpages.

  8. How quickly do University of Michigan Social Work graduates find jobs?

    The average graduate finds a position within 3-4 months from the time they begin their search.

    For more information about SSW MSW salary and job search information visit the Alumni Employment Data page.

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