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MasterTrack FAQ

Certificate Course

  1. Who can I contact with regarding Coursera technical issues when completing the MasterTrack certificate?

    Learners should first review the Coursera Learner Help Center. Following this, questions can be emailed to

  2. Will I receive an actual certificate after I complete the MasterTrack Certificate program?

    Yes. Coursera will provide a certificate to learners upon completion of assignments for individual MasterTrack courses. Once a learner has completed all courses for the MasterTrack Certificate, the University of Michigan will issue a certificate of completion for the Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research MasterTrack Certificate.


  1. Are the MasterTrack courses graded and are they pass/fail?

    Yes, they are graded and students must receive at least a 70% in the course to pass. Classes cannot be taken pass/fail.

  2. I am enrolled in the MasterTrack courses, are there course deadlines/due dates?

    MasterTrack courses have a fixed schedule, which means you need to complete all your coursework during a specific time period. Courses have hard deadlines which you can't reset. You may be able to switch sessions if you fall behind.

    Peer Reviews Deadlines

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  3. Will our grades for the MasterTrack courses be reflected on our transcripts?

    No, the MasterTrack Certificate program courses are not reflected on your transcript as they are not credit bearing and occur prior to starting the MSW degree program.

Internships/Field Practicum

  1. Do the courses on Coursera for the MasterTrack Certificate have a required practicum site? If yes, is there support for finding a field placement?

    No, the certificate program itself does not require a field placement (practicum). Students will be required to engage in a field placement once enrolled in the MSW degree program and the Office of Field Education will assist in setting up a placement.

  2. How many internship hours are required in the MSW program after completion of the MasterTrack Certificate?

    Students will complete 912 hours for the MSW degree.

MasterTrack MSW

  1. Are the MasterTrack courses and certificate credits easily transferable to other schools?

    No. The Certificate does not award “credit”; instead, it allows you to reduce the number of credits you take if you come to the University of Michigan School of Social Work. There are not any credits that can be transferred to another institution.

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