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Certificate Course

  1. Do students take all 6 MasterTrack Courses at the same time?

    No. The MasterTrack certificate was designed to be completed over a 6 month period (taking 2 classes at a time), or a 4 month period (taking 3 classes at a time). It is strongly discouraged for students to take more than 3 classes at a time, unless they are working on the MasterTrack full time. Each course is approximately 8-weeks long.

  2. How large is a MasterTrack Certificate cohort?

    The MasterTrack certificate began in September 2020 with 90 students in the first cohort. There is currently no limit to the number of students who can join the MasterTrack certificate cohort.

  3. How many hours per week are the MasterTrack courses?

    You can expect to spend between 3 and 4 hours per week on a MasterTrack course.

  4. I enrolled in the wrong section of one of the MasterTrack courses for my cohort. How do I change?

    The first step is to try to change sessions yourself. When you are in the course, you may see a button at the top that says "Reset my deadlines". If you have access to that button, you can click it and manually move yourself to the session that begins on a date that better suits your schedule. If you do not have the option to reset you can either just wait until the new session becomes available and then enroll or you can email for assistance.

  5. I took the free version (MOOC) of Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change. How do I get credit for this course now that I'm pursuing the full MasterTrack Certificate?

    If a learner took the free version of Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change and then enrolls in the MasterTrack Certificate, they will need to re-enroll in SWMT 101: Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change (the first certificate course) and then the information from their past course completion will pull over into their certificate profile.

  6. What are the benefits of the Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research MasterTrack Certificate?

    The certificate program allows learners to explore the content covered in foundation courses covered at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. It could provide for advancement within a current position or it could be used to add to a resume in hopes of obtaining a social work/social service position. The certificate can also allow qualified applicants to complete the MSW degree in less time. This will result in a cost savings for the MSW degree.

  7. What is the date to sign up for the MasterTrack Certificate Program?

    Coursera will offer several MasterTrack certificate cohort start dates throughout the year. Students can enroll in any cohort, but should align the ending of their cohort with the start of the MSW program, if they are planning to pursue the full MSW degree following certificate completion. To inquire about this, email

    Students may be able to enter a cohort up to two weeks following a published cohort date.

  8. Who can I contact regarding questions about MasterTrack courses or assignments?

    Learners should first post their questions in the course Discussion Forum. They can also plan to visit the planned Office Hours session for the course. Following these options, learners can email

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