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Financial Aid FAQ

  1. How do I apply to a special program?

    If you would like to apply to a special program, then please answer "yes" to the question, "Do you plan to apply to an SSW Special Program?" found on the Financial Assistance page of the MSW online application and then check the special program checkbox of the Press enter to read full text...

  2. How is financial aid awarded to MSW students?

    The School of Social Work Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management provides grant and scholarship assistance. The University Office of Financial Aid provides loans and work study awards. Many scholarships and grants are awarded at the time of admission. To view the full range of financial aid opportunities, visit our MSW Financial Aid webpage.

  3. How many of the students are awarded scholarships or financial assistance?

    About 90% of the MSW class apply for and receive some form of grant and/or scholarship assistance.

  4. How much are tuition and fees for the MSW Program?

    Tuition and fee expenses are $31,114 for Michigan residents; $49,562 for non-residents for two semesters of full-time on-campus enrollment. The Regents of the University set tuition and fees in July of each year; so costs are subject to increase each year.

    To learn more about tuition fees and expenses, please visit the MSW Tuition & Student Budget webpages.

    To learn more about SSW financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid webpages.

  5. I have a work-study award, how do I find a job?

    To review a list of work-study positions, visit the U-M Student Employment Office website. When you see a position of interest, contact the hiring department to inquire about hiring procedures.

  6. If I am offered a GSSA , GSI, or GSRA appointment, am I eligible for GradCare without a social security number (SSN)?

    Yes. Students need to complete the regular enrollment process through Wolverine Access within the first 30 days of the appointment. You can also add eligible dependents who do not have a SSN to your health insurance during the enrollment process.

  7. Should I wait until I have been admitted to apply for financial aid for the MSW Program?

    No. It is best for students to apply for financial aid as soon as possible. The School of Social Work Financial Aid Form should be submitted with the MSW application. The FAFSA is available each October. Be sure to review special program deadlines.

  8. What happens if my Employment Authorization Document (EAD) expires in the middle of my GSSA, GSI, or GSRA or appointment?

    Students are not eligible to work without a valid EAD. If your EAD expires in the middle of the semester, an e-mail notification will be sent to the Human Resources contact person in your program and your appointment will be terminated. There are significant Press enter to read full text...

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