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Clinical and Ethical Issues with Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth: A Deeper Dive


This webinar will offer a working definition of terms, including Transgender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Intersex, Gender Nonconforming, Non-Binary, Intersex, Gender Transition, and Ally. Language and terminology will be examined with emphasis on using affirming language and avoiding offensive terminology.

This webinar will examine mental health risk factors that impact transgender youth from an ethical lens. These risk factors include a 40 percent rate of attempted suicide, increased incidence of anxiety and depression, bullying, and social and familial rejection, all of which can exacerbate mental health issues.

This webinar will focus on clinical interventions with an emphasis on delivering these interventions from an ethical and evidence-based lens. We will focus on two complex cases: Luna, a case involving parental disagreement with regard to permitting a transgender 7-year-old girl to commence a social transition and the second case, Patrick, will focus on complications that arise when a transgender adolescent is permitted (by the parent) to access hormones to initiate a medial transition without medical supervision and absent mental health consultation.

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