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Talking to Family & Friends about Voting: Relational Organizing Workshop


Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) is hosting a relational organizing workshop presented by Progressive Pipeline at the SSW. The purpose of this event is to learn how to talk to our communities about the importance of voting in this year's election! We opted for the longer format of the workshop to include breakout rooms for practicing these vulnerable conversations. We are excited about bringing this educational opportunity to the SSW. Remember - voting is social work!

As a local chapter of the national network of SURJ groups, we organize white folx for racial justice. We recognize that many of the recipients of this email are Black, indigenous, or people of color, and we hope to offer useful information for people of all racial identities. We welcome feedback from community members at any time.

Below is an event description provided by Progressive Pipeline for anyone looking for further information about the workshop or the organization:

Get Everyone To The Polls

November's once-in-a-lifetime election will come down to turnout. In the time of COVID-19, the best messengers are friends voters already know and trust. Studies show that relational organizing is the most effective tool to drive voters to the polls - and we want to give you the tools to put it into practice.

Join Progressive Pipeline - a non-profit that's recruiting, training, and deploying the next generation of progressive leaders - for an interactive online organizing workshop, led by the star alumni of our fellowship program. We'll introduce you to Prof. Marshall Ganz's organizing practice and prepare you with the organizing tactics you need to get your friends, family, and neighbors to the polls.

Everything is on the line this fall. We'll show you how to do your part to make sure everyone's voice is heard.

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