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Non-Baccalaureate Degree Applicants

Admission to the MSW degree program is possible for a maximum of ten persons per academic year who do not hold baccalaureate degrees. The goal of this provision is to provide an opportunity for individuals with extensive, successful social work experience to obtain the MSW degree without first obtaining a bachelor's degree. The program is designed for applicants who meet both of the following criteria:

  • The applicant has at least 10 years of extensive, successful social work-related experience, including a minimum of 5 years of experience within the past 10 years.
  • The applicant demonstrates the capability to be successful in an academically challenging MSW program.

The provision is not designed for those who are currently enrolled in BA programs who could complete their degree in a relatively short time frame or for those who could complete both the BA degree and MSW in the foreseeable future. Students who are able to complete a bachelor’s degree in 30 credit hours or fewer (or equivalent) will typically not be admitted through this provision.

Prior to submitting an application, persons planning to apply under this provision need to provide the following documents to the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management either by fax to 734-936-1961, email to [email protected], or mail to the University of Michigan School of Social Work, 1080 South University, Ann Arbor, MI 48109:

  1. Transcripts (may be unofficial) from all colleges/universities in which courses were taken for credit
  2. A detailed resume, including social work-related job descriptions and hours worked per week for each position.
  3. Documentation, from an accredited bachelor’s degree-granting institution, of how many credit hours are required for completion of their undergraduate degree program.

Submit the above materials for review one month prior to any planned date of application. Once the submitted materials have been reviewed, the prospective applicant will be contacted to schedule an admissions consultation. Following initial review, all applicants must fill out a full application, and are subject to a full admission review, including providing letters of reference and academic information. Be sure to review the Special Instructions and Forms for Provisions for Non-Baccalaureate Degree Applicants. Applicants applying under this provision are expected to meet requirements three and four under Criteria for Admission as well as the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must have completed at least 60 semester hours of academic credit from an accredited college with an overall grade average of "B" or better. At least 6 of these credits must be earned in at least a junior level course from an accredited college or university. A total of 14 credits earned by college level examinations may be counted toward the 60-hour requirement. These credit hours must be in academic courses acceptable to the University of Michigan. All credits must have been earned by the end of the fall term preceding anticipated admission.
  2. Applicants must have a minimum of 10 years extensive, successful social work-related experience. In addition, applicants must have completed one of the following within the past 10 years:
    1. A minimum of five years of at least half-time paid employment in human service organizations
    2. 10,000 documented hours of volunteer work in human service organizations
    3. an equivalent combination
    Recommendation forms and Supplement to Evaluation of Work/Volunteer Experience forms must be submitted from supervisors. Information provided will be reviewed to determine if the work experience meets the criteria and demonstrates potential for a successful social work career.

The following additional materials are required with the application:

  1. supplement to Evaluation of Work/Volunteer Experience forms completed by relevant human service-related supervisors
  2. position forms describing the applicant's human service volunteer and/or paid experiences.

These additional required materials should be submitted together with all other application materials. Contact the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management with any questions ([email protected] or 734-936-0961).

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