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Secondary Pathway

On-Campus MSW students have the option of completing a secondary pathway during their time in the program. Students that choose a secondary pathway will use twelve elective credits to complete coursework for their second specialized pathway. This addition will allow students to gain a depth of knowledge in a second area of social work.

While choosing a secondary pathway can be the right choice for some students it is not a requirement of the program and is not a viable option for everyone. Things to consider:

  • Adding a secondary pathway can give students additional knowledge in a second concentrated area.
  • While additional time to degree is generally not required to complete a secondary pathway, those doing a special program or scholar program may not have the needed elective credits available for a second pathway. This is also true for MasterTrack students.
  • You need to be sure that required pathway classes will be available in semesters you have elective credits available.  This can create complexity in selecting your schedule.
  • You are able to double count courses between the two pathways. At the same time, secondary pathways can limit the ability to take other electives of interest.
  • Keep in mind that your field placement will align with your primary pathway and is not required to connect with your secondary pathway. You can speak with your field faculty and/or field instructor about potential opportunities to integrate secondary pathway interests in your field site.
  • Secondary pathways do not necessarily increase hireability. There are many ways you can talk about your experience and coursework to highlight special interests beyond having something as an “official” pathway on your transcript.

If you think you would like to add a secondary pathway please discuss this option with your academic advisor, a technical advisor, or the MSW On-Campus Program Manager. To add a secondary pathway please complete the Change in Pathway request form.

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