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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Student Staff Assistant Positions

Each year, the Office of Student Services hires incoming MSW students as Graduate Student Staff Assistants (GSSA). Two students are hired to work in the Career Center and one student will be hired to work in the Office of Student Services on recruitment, admissions, and student services. These positions will offer full tuition, a monthly living stipend, and University health insurance.

Applications for Fall 2017 are due by February 1, 2017.

If you have questions regarding these positions, contact the Office of Student Services at or (734) 936-0961.

Graduate Student Instructor Positions

GSI positions at the School of Social Work are not available to MSW students; however, each year MSW students are employed by other departments and offices on campus in GSI positions. Please visit the U-M Careers at the U website for a listing of graduate student appointments throughout the University.

Graduate Student Research Assistant Positions

GSRA positions at the School of Social Work are only available to doctoral students.

GSSA Profile

  • Amanda Moore

    • Practice Method:
      Interpersonal Practice
    • Practice Area:
      Children and Youth in Families and Society

    Amanda Moore is passionate about helping her fellow students achieve their education and career goals. As a graduate student staff assistant (GSSA) at the Career Center in the SSW’s Office of Student Services, she is achieving her own education and career goals as well.

    “As a GSSA, I’m enhancing my education and getting experience in my dream job at the same time by providing guidance and support that leads to long-term success of others, both in their education and in their future careers as social workers.”  

    Moore is one of two MSW students who work each week in the center providing support and assistance to other MSW students and alumni for resume and cover letter development, job search strategies, networking, interview preparations, and salary negotiation. Moore also conducts student tours and participates as a facilitator in webinars to assist in recruitment efforts. The position requires 14-16 hours per week on-the-job; in exchange, GSSA’s earn full tuition, a monthly living stipend and University health insurance.

    “The financial aid package that comes with my GSSA position allows me the freedom to give 100% to my studies and my position. I feel very supported by the School of Social Work and U-M - not just financially but also in my education goals and professional development. I’ve had opportunities here that you can’t get in a classroom.”

    Moore says she discovered her passion for working with college students through her own interactions with student support services – first as an undergraduate student at Jacksonville State University in Alabama, and more recently during her MSW studies at U-M.

    “There’s no shame in asking for help,” said Moore. “I know from personal experience just how the right guidance and encouragement helps students flourish. My academic improvement, personal career development and success are all a direct result of utilizing the various support services provided by my university.”

    Moore’s concentration is Interpersonal Practice with Children and Youth in Families and Society. She chose a minor in Management of Human Services and is pursuing the Management of Human Services certificate.

    “The management curriculum has been very impactful in helping me identify my leadership skills and styles,” said Moore. “I know that at the beginning of my career I will be a foot soldier, but ultimately I want to be sure that I’m reaching as many students as possible.”

    Reaching out to more students is what drives Moore now in her day-to-day responsibilities at the Career Center.    

    “The students who utilize our support resources the most are either those who are struggling and here on referral, or students who are highly successful – they understand how the resources and mentoring we offer can enhance their education and future career.”

    “My goal is to figure out how to bridge the gap and reach those students in between who either don’t feel comfortable asking for help or don’t realize the tremendous support that’s available to them right here on campus.”
    Moore will graduate in December 2015.

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