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Social Work Communications

Below you will find the spring/summer email communications sent to incoming MSW. These weekly emails highlight various topics, containing important and helpful information. As new ones are sent, they will be added here.

Course Enrollment Petition

To be considered for entry into a closed course or course where department consent is required, you must submit a Course Enrollment Petition. Individual faculty members cannot grant permission into a closed course, or course where department consent is required, and the School does not utilize the University waitlist system.

On or anytime after your registration appointment time/day, you may petition to enter a closed course via the Course Enrollment Petition.

Upon receiving an email decision on submitted course enrollment petitions, we ask that you follow through with any steps you may be given by the Registrar's Office (i.e. drop a course, add a course, etc.) as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that permissions for courses do expire and we can be more responsive to new petitions when students have followed through with recommended actions.

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